18/04/2018 05:59 BST | Updated 18/04/2018 05:59 BST

Weird 'Walking Dead' Finale Twists Cap Off Weirder Season 8

From “butthole cam” to buttheaded moves, the season finale was weirdsville.

Warning: "Walking Dead" Season 8 spoilers below.

Even for a show that forces us to accept that dead people come back to life, some pretty unbelievable shenanigans have occurred in Season 8 of "The Walking Dead".

Sunday's finale kept to the theme, delivering strange twist after strange twist.

First of all, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) seemingly switched sides again after spending a couple seasons helping Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. During this episode, he rigged the Saviors' bullets to explode in their guns when they tried to shoot Rick (Andrew Lincoln). It was a turning point in the war, leading to the Saviors' surrender and Eugene's redemption.

But, uh, what?

Just a week ago in the episode "Worth," Eugene, who has been aiding the Saviors since Season 7, was briefly kidnapped by Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Rosita (Christian Serratos). He threw up on Rosita in order to escape and get back to the Saviors. If he was planning on switching sides again, why spit up lunch? Why not just tell Daryl and Rosita, "I'm rigging all the bullets, so it's cool"? Hmmm.

Back to the finale: After Eugene's show of loyalty, Rick slashes Negan's throat. But then he makes a speech to his followers and the Saviors, stating that he's in favour of saving Negan and living together as one. A similar scene happens in the comic books, but if this is the plan, Rick, you might want to shorten your speech, because Negan is still lying on the ground bleeding out.

To top it all off, in the most inexplicable twist Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Daryl and Jesus (Tom Payne) are plotting against Rick now. Yeah. They apparently aren't happy that Rick left Negan alive, so we get a brief scene of them scheming against their former leader.

Sure, earlier in the show there's a scene with Jesus preaching to Morgan (Lennie James) about keeping people alive, but whatever. It's all just a continuation of the other wild and whacky stuff that's happened this season. Let's look back and reminisce ...

Carl died by tripping and falling.

What was even going on this year? After surviving into Season 8 of the apocalypse and getting shot (twice), Carl (Chandler Riggs) died after tripping and subsequently receiving a bite from a zombie.

The Season 8 finale began with Siddiq (Avi Nash) trying to explain to Rick how Carl died, and it still doesn't make a ton of sense. Why would Carl be so careless?

(Riggs has poked fun at his character's carelessness on Twitter, too.)

Oh, and after he receives the bite, Carl shoots the zombie that bit him. I repeat: he shoots the zombie. Rick after learning Carl had a gun the whole time:

Same, dude. Same.

New rule: Zombie blood now turns you into a zombie.

Gene Page/AMC

If you haven't been keeping up, here's a crucial Season 8 revelation for you: Zombie blood can turn people into zombies. That's a thing now.

Though this occurs in the comics, the TV show hadn't established that being exposed to zombie blood in a wound could turn you. In Season 6, we see Rick cut his hand on a blade that's gone through a zombie ― and he's totally fine.

This year, that all changed. A bunch of people at the Hilltop were hit with weapons covered in zombie blood and eventually turned into zombies. In the apocalypse, the first thing to die off is continuity.

Wait, another new rule: Everyone turns into a zombie except for Negan.

Gene Page/AMC

Okay, so you got all that about zombie blood? Good. Now forget that hogwash.

In Season 8, Negan gets in a car crash while riding with a bucket of zombie blood. The blood goes everywhere. He's totally fine. Then he gets hit in the arm with his barbed-wire covered baseball bat after it's been smothered in zombie blood. He's cool after that, too.

Who knows why. Just don't think about it too much.

Finally, introducing butthole vision.

In "The Walking Dead", Negan talks a lot about people being assholes, so this just seems like a natural progression.

When Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) becomes sick after putting zombie blood and guts on himself early on in Season 8 (see above for new rule on zombie blood), a dose of antibiotics saves him. But he suffers some vision problems thereafter. This gave the show the opportunity to add a funky new POV camera, which the internet has lovingly deemed "butthole cam".

The camera view, which is probably not unlike seeing out of one's bottom, also makes a brief appearance in Sunday's finale, when Gabriel is trying to escape from Negan in the woods. With so many absurd plot points in Season 8, you can't blame the internet for being cheeky.