05/06/2018 05:13 BST

Simon Cowell Goes Phone-Free For 10 Months, Here Are 5 Tips For Cutting Down

Digital detox expert Tanya Goodin shares tips for cutting down your phone use.

Simon Cowell has been without a mobile phone for 10 months now - and the music mogul says he's far happier. But for those of us who don't have a chauffeur to get us from A to B and an assistant to take calls, is going phone-free actually possible?

"I don't think it's realistic for any of us to be without communication," says digital detox expert and author of 'Off', Tanya Goodin. "But we can definitely do without being glued to our devices 24/7."

Michael Tran via Getty Images
Simon Cowell has been without a phone for 10 months now.