07/06/2018 10:38 BST | Updated 07/06/2018 10:38 BST

Give Us The Photos Of Jeremy Renner's CGI'd Arms On The Set Of 'Tag'

Who’s got the goods?


Help! Somewhere out there are photos of Jeremy Renner's useless broken arms on the set of an action movie that definitely necessitated working arms. And we want them.

Confused? Welcome to a Jon Hamm-fueled fever dream that involves two arm casts, a boatload of computer-generated imagery and a film that you will absolutely not see.

Here's the deal: According to noted celebrity gossip Jon Hamm, Renner fractured his right elbow and left wrist while making "Tag," the new movie about a real-life group of adult friends whose fondest tradition is a lifelong game of, yes, tag. As Hamm, also in "Tag," revealed Monday on "Ellen," Renner's arms were so broken that he was forced into casts. Which was a pain for director Jeff Tomsic, because he had to edit the things out in post-production.

In other words, Renner's arms in "Tag" are apparently a feat of CGI. We know because we've seen the movie, officially out on June 15, and we didn't notice anything unusual about the dude's appendages. But don't doubt dear Jon's claims! A representative of Tomsic confirmed the ridiculous fractured bone saga to HuffPost on Tuesday.

Yes I can confirm that its true. Jeremy broke both of his arms during production, he wore casts all through production and Jeff edited the casts out in post-production.

So, the real question: Does anyone have photos of Renner's arms from the set of "Tag," which was shot last summer in Atlanta?

He's in a couple of outdoor scenes, so maybe you stumbled across the set, where Renner was (a) being paid millions of dollars to play tag as an adult man, and (b) doing so with arm casts that would obviously hinder his ability to be any good at it. (Tag requires arms! At least one!) Maybe you were an extra in a key wedding sequence. Maybe you're a devoted Rennergade who follows Hawkeye around like, well, a hawk. We don't judge!

If you have evidence whatsoever of Renner's whole arm situation, please email We welcome photos, videos, anecdotes, diary entries, text messages you sent your friend bragging about how you just saw an Avenger with fractured limbs.

The official "Tag" press kit includes one measly photo of Renner's right arm cast:

Warner Bros.

But we know someone out there has better intel. We're talking about a two-time Oscar nominee, after all. Come through, Rennerbois!