09/06/2018 16:29 BST | Updated 09/06/2018 16:39 BST

22 Incredible Photos Of LGBTQ Pride Celebrations Over The Decades

LGBTQ people have been living visibly, openly and authentically for years.

Barbara Alper via Getty Images

The mainstream LGBTQ rights movement in America may have achieved some remarkable gains over the last several years ― but it took decades and decades of work for our culture to get to this point.

The first Pride march in New York City took place in 1970, the year after the Stonewall Riots. And while the meaning or “purpose” of Pride may have shifted and changed over the years depending on America’s political and social climate at the time, visibility of LGBTQ people ― their identities and their relationships ― have always been at the heart of it.

Take a trip back in time with these beautiful photos of Pride celebrations over the past several decades.

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