26/06/2018 09:46 BST | Updated 26/06/2018 09:46 BST

ANC 'Shocked' By Corruption... South Africans, Not So Much 🙄

If only someone had TOLD them there was a problem! What were we thinking?!

In an unbelievable development, the ANC says it is "shocked" by the scale of corruption in government. In a document called "ANC briefing notes: key ANC politicies and government programmes", reportedly prepared for the 2019 election, the party notes that there has been an increase in corruption despite the creation of crime-fighting institutions.

According to The Star, the document says, "The [past] year has revealed many new cases of corruption, and like all South Africans, we are shocked by the scale of corruption and the allegations of state capture, which we are determined to root out."

South Africans, however, were not so shocked. Or, rather, they were shocked, just not for the same reasons as the ANC.

Many felt insulted by the ANC's statement, given how many reports of corruption were given to the party, and how often whistle-blowers were ignored or victimised.

And for much of Twitter on Tuesday morning, the only appropriate response was laughter.