04/07/2018 06:00 BST | Updated 04/07/2018 06:16 BST

England V Colombia: 26 Tweets Capturing The Emotional Rollercoaster To England's Win

If you missed the England versus Colombia World Cup game, here's how it unfolded in tweets...

Press Association

England defeated Colombia in a heart-stopping penalty shootout last night, advancing to the World Cup quarter-finals.

Here's how the match unfolded on social media:

If you can remember that far back, it started well.

But the nerves started early.

Soon we had the first sign of things to come: a Colombia head-butt that engendered only a yellow card.

With England a little rocked, it was time for an intervention from the Archbishop of York.

Half-time. 0-0. And it was getting ugly.

But soon, the breakthrough.

Even that was not without some dirty tricks.

At homes across England, it was getting weird.

In summary.

The ITV commentary wasn't helping.

Unease was creeping in among English fans for no other reason than, it seemed, this was England.

And, in added time, Colombia did what we expected. 1-1.

Some had been a little premature.

What, English Twitter asked, was happening?

And so, inevitably, to penalties.

But, with Eric Dier appearing to be the only Englishman in the world with a level head ... they bloody did it.

And guess what ...