Here's how to reduce your chance of catching and spreading Covid before you're called up for your third jab.
The health secretary has urged people to continue with their festive plans but has advised they take precautions.
Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are back - along with a host of new pals - in the revival series.
The French president privately made disparaging comments as tensions ran high over the migrant crisis.


It's unclear if a fourth lockdown lies ahead for the UK after omicron was identified as a variant of concern.
All adults in England are now eligible for a booster jab. Here's how to book yours.
Worried about socialising with colleagues before seeing family at Christmas? Here's what to consider.
A person in California has tested positive for the new Covid-19 variant, which was first identified by researchers in South Africa.


Read this if you're constantly jumping to the worst-case scenario when you're anxious.
Everything feels up in the air again – here's how to have tricky Christmas chats with family.
The Greek word for the new Covid variant is not one many people have encountered before.
Hosting Christmas this year? It’s time to start thinking about tablescaping.


The presenter was called “condescending” with her remarks after Rhys became emotional on Saturday.
The Bake Off winner was left in “so much pain” during rehearsals for his Salsa.
Just five couples are left in the running after Tilly Ramsay's elimination last week.
"Don’t judge a person before you’ve walked a mile in their (dance) shoes.”


Boris Johnson is under fire following reports he partied with staff in the run-up to Christmas and while the UK was in lockdown.
WFH is back in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Will we regret it?
The prime minister tried to strike a positive tone, saying temporary vaccination centres will be "popping up like Christmas trees".
“No. Our advice to the public is as set out at the weekend," the prime minister's spokesman replied.
Hairdressers and takeaways have been added to the list of mask-mandatory venues.
There are similarities with previous Covid variants, and three new symptoms.
Jenny Harries, the chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency, also said working from home would be a 'good thing to do' if the new variant began to surge.
Gillian Keegan also said she would rather 'overreact than underreact' to the emergence of the new Covid strain.
Things are sounding bleak again, and we've been here before. How should we deal with it?
“In this race between the vaccines and the virus, the new variant may have given the virus extra legs," the health secretary said.

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