28/07/2016 04:31 BST | Updated 22/07/2017 06:12 BST

Can't Sleep? This New Sleep Technology Might Help

If you're anything like me, then the current heat has made it almost impossible to sleep. I am a massive believer in the importance of getting your 8 hours a night and have previously shared my top tips for getting a great night sleep . Today I'm going to focus on some more tech-savvy ways to help you stop counting sheep!

1. Hyde and Sleep's Smart Pillow.



Hyde and Sleep have designed the ultimate pillow using NASA technology. One side is memory foam designed to stay cool at all times (an absolute godsend in a heatwave!), while the other is a traditional, softer feel. It's perfect if you struggle to get comfortable before bed and also offers additional neck support. With free delivery and the offer of a free 30 day sleep test you've nothing to lose when upgrading your regular pillow for this smart one!

2. Adjustamatic Electric Double Bed. Adjustamatic share a whole host of tips about improving your sleep routine as part of a couple and offer an electric double bed aimed at those with health conditions. If you struggle to get comfortable during the night you can adjust your section of the bed electronically without disturbing your partner.

3 The World's Smartest Mattress.


Source: Balluga

Currently in the middle of a successful Indiegogo campaign, Balluga have designed the ultimate smart mattress. It monitors your vital statistics while controlling everything from skin temperature to the firmness of the mattress

4. Ocushield

Staring at your phone in bed can make it difficult for the brain to wind down for sleep because of the 'blue light.' Occushield aims to reduce this blue light without impacting the image quality, helping improve sleep and reduce eye strain.

5.Withing's Aura Total Sleep System

Withings have created a device that not only monitors sleep activity but also helps you get the most of sleep, allowing you to hook up to your Spotify to create the ultimate wake-up playlist. It also monitors the amount of light, temperature and sound levels in your room to help you figure out what's keeping you awake or causing disrupted sleep. Not only does it do all this but it also looks great too!

I hope these 5 gadgets help you get a better night's sleep!

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