First Date Facts

15/09/2011 23:20 BST | Updated 15/11/2011 10:12 GMT

I have to say that for all it's faults, I am very grateful for the internet's existence, because it gives you access to information that you would never see otherwise. When I was dating (I am now happily engaged to be married), I would have KILLED to be able to tell what type of girl I should go for if I wanted to jump in the sheets on the first date...and now this information is right there for everyone to see.

A well known dating website did a survey recently, asking whether their members were likely to put out on a first date. They then cross-referenced the answers with the member's dating profile, and the results, I will say, range from the astonishing to the bleeding obvious.

Now here's the science. The dating website then created a chart collaborating all the information they have to make a judgement on what type of person was most and least likely to jump into the sack on the first date.- this was judged by their traits as specified on their profile, which ranged from their marital status to their interests.


Now for all science experiments, a baseline for comparison was made. The "baseline" woman was judged to be a thirty-something, well educated, slim single white woman who was a light drinker.

If you're after action on the first date, the survey found that the least likely women to put out were sixty-something, closely followed by fifty-something and forty-something. So men, you can guess straight away that the benchmark should be a sub-30 year old woman if you want to get some jiggy-jiggy. The other traits that women who weren't likely to get it on after a first date displayed were being tee-total (doesn't alcohol make us all do things we otherwise wouldn't?), being from an ethnic minority, and - strangely - an interest in cycling. So if your date rides to work on a Boris Bike, you're out of luck, pal.

But for the men, here's what you've been looking for - and I'm afraid it's so blindingly obvious you will wish you hadn't read this article. The three traits of women most likely to put out on a first date were being overweight, being recently separated, or being "large" (putting overweight nicely, basically). With the minimum of offence intended, most men could have guessed that larger ladies would be more game for a laugh on the first date, or that women on the rebound will jump into bed with anything...

The other traits men should look for in a woman likely to do the horizontal tango on the first date are her age (early or late twenties), widowed (shockingly!) or divorced, poorly educated with an interest in cars, and who spends a lot of time in bars. The surprising one here is that the 11th biggest trait displayed in the first-date-shaggers is that they were married - interesting!


Now ladies, I know you've been taking an interest up to this point, but here's where it gets really juicy for you. The male baseline was a well-educated, thirty-something single white man, who was a light smoker and drinker.

The least likely male to put out was again a sixty something, but more obvious is the second trait - he lives with his parents. Would you take a lady back to yours with your Mum and Dad asleep in the next room after a first date? I hope the answer to that is no! the other traits were an interest in cars and/or cycling, a non-smoker and teetotaller, and a man who enjoys spending time with his family. Perhaps they taught him to be a gentleman.

Here is the bombshell. By a long, long, LONG way, the biggest trait displayed by a man most likely to put out on the first date, is the fact he was MARRIED. Yes, married men are most likely to rock the casbah on the first date. Surprising, but not so surprising at the same time. This strikes a horrendous blow for women who say that all men are cheats, but for clarity the other traits are mixed race, medium drinker, athletic, and in their mid twenties.

Wait, I'm shortly getting married, I'm mixed race, I'm athletic and a medium drinker in my late twenties. Somewhat feel I've shot myself in the foot by writing this now...

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