12/05/2014 20:12 BST | Updated 12/07/2014 06:59 BST

Six of the Best Breasts in Music

Don't panic. I'm not about to betray my feminist upbringing by ranking music industry breasts - there's enough of that sort of thing on YouTube comment boards, and it's well known that Simon Cowell has the best in the business. But those of you who feel cheated by the salacious headline shouldn't panic either, Talisco's Run short film/epic music video does in fact feature exactly what you're looking for.

Here's a round-up of up-and-coming artists who have caught my attention in the past couple of months.


Kudos to France for producing such great musical talent in recent years. I cannot stress how much I enjoy Talisco's music. If you're interested in his real name, a quick Google search will enlighten you, but music this good doesn't need to be clouded by tedious facts and a family history. His debut album Run is out on 19th May, and you can watch the short film that showcases three of his tracks below. Directed by Zack Spiger and Matt Larson, it's a great short film. However it's not safe for work as it features a fair amount of violence, six breasts and three great tracks. I'd also suggest visiting Talisco's Soundcloud to check out his other tracks - the J.A.C.K Remix of Your Wish is particularly good. And if you like what you hear, stop living in the rip-torrent-pirate past, support the artists and buy the tracks.

Run (NSFW):


I've previously mentioned Josh as someone to watch. He recently released his Spaces EP which is truly captivating. Josh has a beautiful voice that resonates with emotion. His ability to write smart, meaningful lyrics is amazing, and he strikes a perfect balance between depth and accessibility. Josh is currently touring the UK. Check out the video of Your Lips to get a sense of what he's about:

Your Lips


France may have come last at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, but frankly who cares? The country continues to produce outstanding, innovative artists, and Cascadeur is one of them. His new album, Ghost Surfer was released in February and is well worth a listen. Check out the lovely, entrancing video for the title track, Ghost Surfer:

Ghost Surfer


Dave Simpson of the Guardian gives Paul's debut album, Beautiful Desolation , 4-stars and the up-beat review is well-deserved. In High Heels Burn It Down is an epic, magical track and an artist with this much talent and ambition deserves to be encouraged and nurtured. Paul's sound should travel well internationally and I can't wait to hear what he does next.

In High Heels Burn It Down


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London based electronic duo Christina Wood and Cicely Goulder produce some great, haunting music. Check out the pair's Soundcloud. Tropea and Picture You are a couple of outstanding tracks. Look forward to hearing more from them soon.