16/02/2012 16:45 GMT | Updated 17/04/2012 06:12 BST

Redheads: Adore the Skin You're In

My name Adrienne Vendetti and I am co-founder of the website How to be a Redhead and a redhead beauty expert. Growing up as a natural redhead, I recognised that redheads did not utilise the proper skin products, apply the right type of makeup and are misguided on what skin regiments to use.

With 'going red' being the number one beauty trend in the last few years, thousands of women are dying their hair red on a daily basis.

And guess what?

Even more women are walking into beauty department stores and asking, "What should I use?" Typically, they are pointed in the wrong direction because many makeup artists, despite their years of experience, do not understand what goes into looking like a beautiful redhead.

The dialogue usually goes like this:

A redhead (natural or bottle) walks into a department store and speaks to a sales representative.

Redhead: "Hi! I need a new foundation and mascara."

(The Sales Rep nervously looks at the redhead and thinks to themselves, "Hm, what should I do?")

Sales Rep: "Well, we have these great products over here."

The sales representative points to a pasty white foundation and light, brown mascara.

Redhead: (Examines products) "Well, okay, you're the expert!"

The redhead buys the products.

More times than not, a redhead will have buyer's regret once they get home because they realise the products aren't 'them' and the products fail to flatter their beautiful, redheaded features.

Being a redhead is about being YOU and all beauty regiments must follow suit.

Go ahead: Take a sigh of relief. You are in good hands. I've been through it all and am here to tell all!

Here are my top beauty pointers for this week:

Quality Cleanser:

Most women have mixed skin; some spots are oily and some spots are dry. And when seasons change, so does your skin. It's important to find a deep activating cleanser that is good for all skin types.

Try: Susan Ciminelli's Algae Deep Cleanse

Amazing Chemical Free Foundations:

Don't let the above story happen to you! When choosing a foundation, opt for one that is free of chemicals. The harsh elements in many products are the cause to skin breakouts.

Try: NVEY ECO Crème Deluxe Foundation

Rockin' Mascara:

It's okay to go black. Seriously, it's okay. I've been told throughout the years, "Redheads shouldn't wear black mascara." Why? You'll be amazed by how a few swipes of black mascara will totally define the eye. I like to use it on the top lid only.

Try: Cover Girl's LastBlast in Very Black

Embrace YOU: The most important thing I learned throughout the years is: love who you are and embrace your natural, redheaded qualities. Stop fighting your natural features, and instead, embrace them. When your energy exerts confidence, people will think you're the most beautiful woman on the planet! Try This.

Redheads, feel comfortable in your skin (literally!) And never forget, rock it like a Redhead!