I Don't Trust the BBC and Neither Should You

20/02/2012 22:50 GMT | Updated 21/04/2012 10:12 BST

I seem to have been in Wales for months now and as ever loving it. Serious hibernation mode has set in and because of that, in the last week I've managed to re-read the Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley, then yesterday Liber Kaos by Peter J Carroll and then when I was in Sweden last week, I took my reading travelling with me and finally finished Rebels and Devils which is just an amazing book. Now I am about to begin James Joyce's Finnegans Wake as John Lennon loved it so much. I am told it is a difficult read but the best books always are. Also other than reading during hibernation, my daily routine is currently blasting out the White Album at least once a day without fail!

So what's new? Well I have just started a film company in this last month with Dean Cavanagh called Escalier 39. We'll be making our first proper movie over the summer. Why it has taken me this long to make a film I don't really know but the time definitely feels right for me and Dean to do this now. I've also decided that apart from DJing one-off gigs in places I like such as Italy, Sweden and Japan, I now think me and DJing are coming to an end. The more time I spend on projects like the book Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Harry Mulligan and the Aquarian Conspiracy paintings with Alex Lowe, and now the new film company, I just don't have time like last year to go away for seven weeks to play records.But saying that, I do like my monthly trip abroad to remember I used to be in music and the person I used to be.

Going back to Sweden; I was there last week DJing and have to say I love it there. The most amazing thing I realised this trip was the size of the country! Five hours from coast to coast by train - Malmo to Stockholm. I somehow had it in my head Sweden was small but it's massive!

I'll also be up in that London town next month to shoot my part in Svengali the Movie, I love Jonny Owen so it should be a giggle and I'm really looking forward to it.

It seems that the Hay-on-Wye supermarket bollocks has stalled as a) we already have one and why would we need two supermarkets and b) when did supermarkets build schools? Tesco have been internationally outed with their plan to get kids to work for free for them - it's not communist Russia just yet people, you need to build the gulags first!

Very pleased for the band IC1s as they seem to jump from strength to strength. I met Dan Coburn (the genius behind IC1s) through my own son Dan Devine, who's also in a band called Flats six years ago now. I love IC1s and I am obviously pleased my son's group Flats are doing so well - as they go from strength to strength too.

Final thoughts: Don't let them define your reality... if 80,000 people attacked the Iranian government building it would be called a revolution yet when it happens in Greece it's called a protest. I don't trust anything the BBC tell me and neither should you.

And is the link to Dean Cavanagh's new internet magazine - enjoy it!