30/10/2014 13:19 GMT | Updated 30/12/2014 05:59 GMT

The SNP Are the Only Party Capable of Taking the Fight to Farage and UKIP

So one of the Middle England broadsheets has said today that Nicola Sturgeon is as "annoying as Alex Salmond."

Scotland should not be dragged out of the EU just because English Nationalists demand it.

Yes, it's certainly "annoying" that Scotland refuses to be taken in by the loony drivel of Ukip, and refuses to be whipped up by the anti-immigration mob frenzy currently taking over England.

I'm sure it's also "annoying" that the SNP is currently miles in the lead in the polls for both Westminster in 2015 and Holyrood in 2016.

It's certainly "annoying" that it turns out that Westminster doesn't have the legal power to remove Scotland from the ECHR.

I've no doubt that it's deeply "annoying" that Scotland would - without any question - vote to remain in the EU.

45% of those who voted in the referendum voted to LEAVE this "most successful union known to man". The other 55% did NOT vote FOR the union. They voted against what was on offer from the Yes side. To believe that the union is saved because people voted FOR it, is totally delusional. The union is in crisis and people who think everything will get back to abnormal really need to wake up if they want to preserve any kind of union.

For all four nations of the Union to be "equal" as was suggested by the Better Together campaign throughout the referendum then it is only fair they have an equal say on matters such as this. But in terms of the huge population in England compared to the other three nations I don't know how this can be fairly achieved, therefore meaning that we are not equal at all.

I look forward to seeing Ukip, Tories or indeed any anti-EU politician campaigning in Scotland, (and Wales and NI), under a banner of "We English get to decide whether you Jocks, Taffs or Paddies are part of the EU".

Every single word they say in support of leaving the EU will be thrown back in their faces by asking if they believe the same for Scotland.

Well done Sturgeon - again SNP and Plaid Cymru - the Celtic fringe - are the few voices of decency and common sense left in the UK.

The SNP could veto the referendum if they held the balance of power in 2015.

It's going to be a fun parliament, with maybe 30+ SNP MP's in WM, Dave needs to form a majority, or at least not oppose his legislation, they're going to hold the country over a barrel.

I imagine that Nicola would only agree to a referendum at all if there was a clause that if Scotland voted no there'd be an automatic independence referendum.

So let me get this right... You want English votes for issues that affect England AND you want English votes to decide issues that affect Scotland?

The United Kingdom is no longer a unitary state, it is a state which is formed by an equal partnership of four nations. Therefore Nicola Sturgeon's view is valid. Scotland has a devolved parliament, why shouldn't it have a vote on Europe. Same for Wales and NI. Frankly it's a clever political move from NS as once again it shows there are stark differences between the constituent parts of the UK, and the UK gov't is failing to manage the differences.

And then Nicola gets criticised over her hair on STV by Ukip MEP for Scotland, David Coburn, take a good look in the mirror before you pass styling judgement. And I can't see UKIP giving the SNP a "kicking" at the GE as you stated on Good Morning Scotland. In fact I would see your election as an MEP, as a Midsummer Madness protest vote. Ukip will not make any gains in Scotland at the GE or in 2016.

I think Nicola will achieve great things for Scotland, and continue the work that Eck started. She will be a constant thorn to Westminster and she will acquire powers by the strength of her persuasive arguments refusing to acquiesce and relentless demands.

And on 29 October Nicola started her tour of Scotland in Edinburgh, speaking as FM elect to the party faithful and the newly signed up members. And encouraging SNP supporters, to bring an undecided friend as a guest will also help swell the ranks. Ok, it now means that the weekend that the Jesus and Mary Chain play the Barrowland, on the day off, Nicola is at the Hydro a 13,000 capacity venue. So we aren't the biggest live draw in Glasgow that weekend now!

All tickets snapped up for every venue, in less than 24 Hours!

Seems like Nicola and the SNP are the only party capable of taking the fight to Farage and Ukip. It is a shame that Miliband doesn't have the same backbone.