28/08/2012 08:59 BST | Updated 28/10/2012 05:12 GMT

Spanish Schools Defy The Economic Crisis As Demand For English Teachers Soars

Amidst the European debt crisis, Spain are in an economic slump. The combination of problems in banking, output, employment and real-estate is creating a huge amount of difficulty in terms of the country's development. The decline is predicted to continue into 2013 by 0.6%,with 2012 seeing approximate economic contractions of 1.5%.

This may deter those looking to live,travel or work in Spain. However, the truth is that there are a vast range of working and travelling opportunities through teaching English, and the Spanish population are determined to improve their prospects.

Joshua Goldblatt of Baker Street International, who have schools in different locations throughout Spain, stated that:

"There continues to be high demand for native English speaking teachers, trainers and tutors in Spain...Despite the economic downturn, or perhaps because of it, many Spaniards are looking to travel or work abroad and so realise the urgency of learning English."

Penny Rollinson, Director of Studies for Cambridge House English schools further emphasised the sense of demand in stating:

"It has become indispensable for any Spaniard wishing to progress in both academic and professional fields to have a high level of English."

For English speakers this is a huge opportunity, and it is one that should be embraced. Madrid, Barcelona, Andalucia, Manlleu and Zaragoza are only a few of the places people can work in, and there are countless opportunities in rural locations too. As Brits (and native speakers - an essential commodity in teaching English abroad) we can exchange our knowledge of the English language for the experience and privilege of living and working abroad.

Goldblatt went on to say:

"Spain is still a great country to live in and from our experience teachers coming here enjoy themselves and are highly regarded within the community."

A country bursting with culture, colour and a rich history (not to mention great weather and beautiful beaches) - Spain has a lot to offer. It's a cheap travel option and a brilliant way to dive into an unfamiliar lifestyle. You only need a TEFL certificate. With high demand, varying contract durations a multitude of teaching options (as well as pretty good wages) there is no better time to lend a hand in Spain's development and get involved by travelling and teaching there.