04/01/2013 13:40 GMT | Updated 05/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Dodging Ice Around Cape Horn

Morning! I spent most of last night sailing in a SE direction waiting for the wind to shift to the NW so I could gybe. It felt a little strange being south of Cape Horn and still heading south but now the shift has come and I have gybed this morning and now am sailing in the direction of Cape Horn, I should be arriving in about the next 16 hours or so. I have about 300 miles left before I make this first solo passage of the Horn. There are reports of a lot of ice around Cape Horn area so naturally I am also a little apprehensive about that, but the race committee provide us with positions of all icebergs within the area on a daily bases, so with this information I should be able to navigate my way past the Horn safely and back into the south Atlantic.

The other good news is that I managed to do some work on the hydro generator yesterday. I still have a fair bit to do and will keep plugging away at it. I take every opportunity in the weather I get to work on this and hope that there will be more opportunities in the South Atlantic for me to get this done so I can get out of power saving mode and have my full attention on finishing the race.