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Exiting the Doldrums

I had my easiest doldrum crossing ever Saturday with only two big black clouds and a slight slow down.

I had my easiest doldrum crossing ever Saturday with only two big black clouds and a slight slow down. I was lucky that as I was crossing the area, the doldrums were moving south and I was quickly into the north easterly trade winds. Feels great to have ticked off the doldrums and now the last hurdle should be the high pressure system before I get into the westerly's for the final stretch to the finish.

The weather files I get for as far forward as 10 days and this morning's route has me 400 miles from the finish after 10 days, it's going to be great to see the route finish before the end. The weather files have consistently shown the same route through the high pressure system which gives me some confidence and it does not look too bad. It's still five days away so it could all change.

I made a load of water Saturday and had a wash, my skin breathed a sigh of relief I can tell you. I have a very itchy rash all up my arms and legs from exposure to salt in the humid conditions. I have never had it so bad but in a couple of days when it cools off it should go. Just need to not itch it!

Over Saturday night, as I exited the doldrums and got into the new breeze, it was very gusty so required a lot of attention for me, not much sleep but I don't care, great to be in the trade winds. The heat affects the sleeping but also the amount I eat, both of which I do more at night when the cabin cools down to 30 degrees. Won't be long until I am back in the thermals, I actually can't wait!

The next 24 hours will be a little slower for me as the wind is further forwards and I am virtually sailing upwind now. Another day of this and then the wind will start to free me and I can start to go faster. Macif and Banque Pop will slow today as they hit the high pressure but the route should clear for them and they will be first to the westerly's. My route through the high will also be slow but there does look like there is a way through which is comforting. The computer says I will arrive on the 29th but normally it will be a little later than that.

The temperature has cooled a lot already and it is much more comfortable onboard.