21/02/2012 17:16 GMT | Updated 22/04/2012 06:12 BST

Men's Shoes: Luxury Style That Separates the Men From the Boys

We're often told "one of the first things women notice about a man is his shoes". Here is a reason, if ever one were even needed, to make sure your tootsies are well attired.

One may not have the looks of James Bond, but, if the saying is correct, and I have no good reason to doubt it, we can at least hope to get a proverbial 'foot in the door' with the fairer sex with the right footwear. And, if that is all just a load of old codswallop, then at least we can feel comfortable in knowing we are looking our best at all times. (Side note: Isn't it funny that every time we throw on something scruffy for 'just a quick errand' we end up bumping into someone who we really wouldn't want to see looking like this?)

This brings us roundly to our next point. Those of gents interested in style and the finer things in life, are often wise enough to understand that the modern day office requires us to put our best foot forward, literally, when it comes to how we present ourselves to our colleagues. Even more so in a recession. We know it is important to appear sharp at all times. To dress smartly denotes a smartness of mind. Only the CEO can truly afford to dress scruffily. And we would question even his motives if he were dressed scruffily.

So far, so good.

It's at the weekends when many of us fall short though. What about trainers? Let's be honest, if we are past the age of 25, we are perhaps past the age of being able to wear trainers constantly without people generally thinking we are clinging on to our teenage years. But, we are digressing.

What to do at weekends and at other 'downtimes' then?

Embrace maturity. Embrace the brogue.

Whether it's a Lanvin sneaker or Tricker's brogue or even a Prada loafer is entirely up to you, but these are what you need with jeans or chinos when you are off duty. No, you won't be able to wear them with tracksuit bottoms. But should you really be wearing tracksuit bottoms outside of the gym?



Suede or leather, when it comes to shoes, the options are thankfully many and cater to those of who like dark leathers to match the purest of our dark jeans and also to those who are just not comfortable unless we are in our beloved but battered 501s - to you Sir, I present the tan and dark brown suede shoe. I'll be choosing a chocolate brown pair to finish off my off-duty Winter wardrobe. To be worn nonchalantly with one's Belstaff jacket when walking to the corner shop to fetch the Sunday papers.

For a smarter evening look and for those of us wanting a change from our office brogues, it can only be John Lobb, which manages to make even the most plain of shoe styles look luxurious.


Lastly, and hopefully not too much of a contradiction now, for those of us who just can't give up on trainers yet, there are those men's trainers made by Jimmy Choo a discreet and ultimately luxurious trainer. In fact, let's not call it a trainer, let's call it a 'sports-inspired shoe' which will allow us the perfect transition into manhood.