16/02/2017 10:17 GMT | Updated 17/02/2018 05:12 GMT

A Guide To Men's Makeup For TV

If you're a regular in front of the camera or have a big casting or interview coming up, you may want to consider deploying the power of natural looking makeup for men to enhance your appearance. Men's makeup products are not only used to perfect and correct the skin before it's lights, camera, action, but are also utilized to correct imbalances made on the skin by the lens and various lights. As lighting can distort your skin tone quite extensively, it's important to bring your entire complexion unity, with a specialist set of male specific products. Cameras also tend to bring out flaws and accentuate wrinkles, so these days, makeup has become more of a necessity for men in the spotlight, keen to bag themselves a champion look.

When putting together a men's makeup routine for TV, it's important to appreciate the benefits of achieving a natural 'no makeup' makeup appearance. This look is all the rage at the moment, as more guys than ever before demand that their cosmetics remain unnoticeable on screen. It's also crucial that the products chosen are of extremely high quality and are ready for the pin point precision of HD cameras, which believe me, will bring out any flaw that you fail to cover up correctly.

During my recent TV interviews and BBC1 Documentary, I was able to use these as perfect opportunities to test various routines and tweak them accordingly, to achieve a completely subtle and flawless appearance on camera. Most guys, like me, should stick to matte finish products, with the importance of managing shine under the microscope of the lens paramount to every makeup success. I would highly recommend that gentlemen use powdered products to help reduce shine further and minimise bounce back light from the face and head, if you are bald.

Every good male makeup for TV regime should start with the use of a primer. A men's skin primer, sometimes called 'makeup base' can be applied to post-cleansed skin and acts as a healthy barrier between your skin and makeup. A good quality primer also boosts the subtlety of the rest of your products and ensures they stay in place for much longer into your day. Most men's makeup artists will then go on to use a HD foundation, such as MMUK MAN's Anti-Wrinkle Foundation and begin to target areas of your face that has blemishes that are dispersed, before unifying your skin's tone with slightly lighter application across the remainder of your skin. With the application of foundation, imperfections such as spots, wrinkles and scars are immediately reduced with its natural blanket of coverage, giving you a nice boost in confidence in the process.

Contouring is king! There are plenty of tutorials out there on the web that can show you how to contour like a pro and when mastered correctly, contouring can do you all kinds of favours on camera. Correct contouring can completely transform the shape of your face, by sculpting your jaw and check bones and creating a more chiseled look. After a little practice, you'll soon be looking like you've been cut from red carpet royalty and learning your way around a men's contouring palette may just prove to be your best ever move.

Finally, conceal and reveal a flawless complexion with a dab of camouflage cream over any lingering imperfections and finish off your routine in some style, with a dusting of anti-shine powder across the t-zone. With these five products combing to make a formidable force field of skin enhancement, ensure you're appearance is remembered for all the right reasons when it's lights out. Follow a good men's grooming and cosmetic regime and sell yourself as truly HD ready.

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