29/11/2012 03:29 GMT | Updated 28/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Gay Adoption Is Not Abusive But Mr McKenzie of UKIP Your Beliefs Are

The only inherent abuse occurring to children of a gay partnership is that which is ladled upon them by an intolerant society. Mr McKenzie from UKIP states that, 'To say to a child, "I am having you adopted by two men who kiss regularly but don't worry about it" - that is abuse.' This revelatory statement belies little other than Mr McKenzies own ill-founded and corrupted viewpoints. He clearly finds same sex kissing to be an abomination, and sufficient to warp a child's tiny little mind. Though of course his comments come heaped with centuries worth of stigma and prejudice.

Since when was kissing in front of a child abusive? It's not the kissing that is the problem I suppose. It is who is doing it. Herein lies the true abuse. Because it is jaded, old fashioned, intolerant opinions like this that lead young children to experience real difficulty in their upbringings.

I wrote on here recently about my upbringing with both heterosexual parentage and then later, homosexual parentage. The only abuse I ever experienced was at the hands of small-minded detractors who didn't like what they saw. The loving experiences I had at the hands of my parents were healthy and happy. Sometimes my mum kissed my other mum, and guess what, I'm okay, no therapy needed. My parents provided a stable base to my life and as a result I'm a stable kinda lass. I know plenty of less stable folks who came from heterosexual relationships who probably wish their parents kissed a little bit more!

We live in a society replete with divorce and as such any extra bit of kissing may well do some to enhance a child's experience of life and of caring, trusting relationships. Kissing in front of a child does not amount to abuse. That abuse is only visible if you are wearing the blinkered shades of fear, hatred and prejudice.

Mr McKenzie goes onto state that some gay parents encourage the children to be gay themselves. Well I kinda doubt he has any facts to back that statement up. In my experience, that was most certainly not the case. I think most gay people are all too aware of the nature versus nurture debate. They wrangled probably most of their youths trying to figure out if they could change their sexuality for fear of people like MrMcKenzie judging them. They no doubt settled on the fact that they were gay, no matter what, they were born that way. So why they would waste their precious parenting time trying to indoctrinate a child into changing their gender based love leanings I do not know. Because they wouldn't, I do not believe brainwashing is a proven facet of homosexuality.

Parents who adopt do so out of love and following what some may argue is an excessive adoption process to check them out to be good, decent people. Mr McKenzie's views are of course narrow-minded and almost not even worthy of reproach. But as a child of a gay partnership I have to say something. I have to speak out. Because it is opinions such as his that cause children to suffer. It is opinions like his that fuel the schoolyard bullying. It is opinions like his that cause people to look on in disgust as the gay couple pass by with the innocent love of their lives, their little child, bundled in their arms. It is opinions like his that cause a child living in a homosexual relationship to question their own parents, and to feel disavowed by society, albeit loved at home. It is opinions like his that are the root and true cause of abuse.