08/01/2015 06:07 GMT | Updated 10/03/2015 05:59 GMT

Seven of Wands - Bad Girl Tarot Card of the Week - 8 January 2015

It is my belief that Tarot provides an intuitive connection to your spiritual higher self. As a reader of the cards, I believe they are more about reflecting back a truth you already know, than they are about me, or anyone else, making predictions. The card of the week is going to reflect something of your soul to you. If you are into that kind thing, then read on.

If you love tarot and hope to connect to the meaning of the cards, on a personal level, then take what I say, apply it to your life, and start to learn how to interpret for yourself. Ruminate, contemplate and mediate on the card. Allow it to connect deeply to your world, allow it to be a mirror to your truth.

This week, the first (working) week of 2015, the card is Seven of Wands.

This card couldn't be more fitting. Many of us have enjoyed a little break from work. Suddenly we are thrown back into rigours and routines, and the restfulness of the holidays is but a distant memory. All of a sudden we feel flung into a fighting situation. We hope to make it through to summer, or even Spring unscathed. But at every turn we find a little something to moan, whinge or bitch about. Maybe you already failed in your resolutions. Maybe your car got a flat. Maybe your boss is tired and tiresome and is taking her New Year crash out on you. Maybe it's raining. Maybe the kids have got some bad attitude.

Whatever is snaking you, is something you are more than capable of dealing with. And underneath it all, things aren't that bad. Choose to battle on. Try not to let these little things overpower you. Instead stand tall and empower yourself to knowing back the challenges. Be protective of your space, respect your needs and reflect negativity back to whence it came. Refuse to be dragged down. You've come this far. In a week or so the bleak return to work and routine will be a dogeared memory. For now, stand tall, own your thoughts and feelings, choose to be mindful of what you allow in your heart. Believe that this will pass and engage your super powers of intuition and positivity to see you through.

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