29/03/2012 18:10 BST | Updated 29/05/2012 06:12 BST

A Dog is for Life (Just Not for the Insurers)

Big players in the insurance market Halifax, Lloyds and PetGuard have pulled out of their pet policies that offered 'Cover For Life', basically signing a death warrant for many loved family pets as owners struggle to pay ongoing vet bills or are left with now uninsurable pets. Sadly one owner has already had to put her dog to sleep because her insurers have pulled the animal's policy.

An official review of possible mis-sold policies will be taking place but the ombudsman (who agrees that Halifax has behaved unfairly towards its 'cover for life' pet insurance customers) and the FSA could quite possibly take years to sort it out, leaving many owners facing the very real possiblity of a pet's premature death.

Again, it always seems to be the responsible dog owners who are penalised, ones that have budgeted for monthly insurance premiums in order to take care of their animals.

Not wanting to take this lying down outraged owners have decided to take matters into their own hands. So the Pet Alliance Watchogs (PAWs) was born, this newly formed group of wronged consumers are legally taking on the insurers and could be heading towards a rare no win no fee class action. Their strongly worded petition (that you can sign here) encourages all pet owners to never bank with these big financial brands again if the situation isn't promptly and fairly resolved.

Pet owners are a hardy breed, passionate about their animals and this very obvious injustice has quite rightly outraged them. Maybe the big bankers should be a bit worried? There are 20million dogs and cats in this country and working together they could be quite a force to be reckoned with!

You can see how the PAWs campaign is doing by visiting their busy and supportive Facebook page or follow the hashtag #houndouthalifax on Twitter and if you want to help out you can see how to here .

If you have been affected by these insurers leaving the pet insurance market email