31/05/2012 13:28 BST | Updated 31/07/2012 06:12 BST

Tube Etiquette for Tourists During the Jubilee and Olympics

Dear Tourists,

The Jubilee is coming up and then the Olympics and Paralympics. Now, I know you are super excited about all the festivities - and some Londoners are just as excited as you - but the thing is, most Londoners who are in the city during this time have no choice but to travel on the Tube with you.

We know that the London Underground can be intimidating and confusing, what with all those people rushing around, so here are some helpful tips for you to try and follow. If you follow these tips, and I really hope you do, everyone will be happier. You won't get yelled at by some Londoner on their way to work and that Londoner will not have to yell at you.

So you've just arrived at Heathrow and need to get to London. Here's some tips and etiquette when travelling around on the Underground:

1. Make sure you have enough money on your card, so you don't cause a jam at the barriers if it flashes 'seek assistance'.

2. If it does flash 'seek assistance' please move quickly to the side and do not block any of the other barriers.

3. Stand to the right! Do not stop at the top or bottom of the escalator, there are people behind you and you will cause a bottle neck and people will bump into you... on purpose.

4. Don't forget, if you are wearing a backpack, that you are now taking up the space of one and half, sometimes two people. Be aware that other people are around you, if you hit them with your backpack... apologise! Once you get on the Tube, if you can take your backpack off and put it on the floor, please do it.

5. Once you walk through all the tunnels and then up and down loads of stairs and finally make it on to the platform...please move down the platform! DO NOT STOP AT THE ENTRANCE, BLOCKING THE WAY FOR THE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU! Also, please do not stop on the stairs.

6. Once on the platform, do not block it with your luggage or your friends.

7. Remember to let the people off before getting on the Tube. And do not stand right in front of the doors. If people can't get off, you can't get on.

8. Once you are on the Tube and you'd like to have a conversation with your friends, please DO NOT STAND ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE CARRIAGE AND SHOUT AT EACH OTHER! The other people on the Tube don't care about what you are talking about. And more than likely they'll be thinking 'Typical, loud Americans.' (it's mostly Americans who do this) I know I'm thinking that and I'm American!

9. Don't link arms whilst walking. Do not stroll. Do not saunter. Do not mosey. Do not just suddenly stop for no reason.

10. If you are a little confused and don't know where you're going move out of the way. People will bump into you! (I've lived here for over 11 years and still get confused sometimes.)

So there you have it. Just remember that there are other people around you who live and work in London. Please be considerate!