28/06/2016 09:26 BST | Updated 28/06/2017 06:12 BST

Why It Is Important for My Son to See Me as a 'Fit Mum'

A few days ago I overheard a dad tell his little boy "stop crying, you sound like a girl"; it got me thinking about how women are portrayed and, more specifically, what lessons am I teaching my son in my role as a "fit mum"?

Here are the things I am striving to ALWAYS tell my son and any other child who knows me and my family:

Women are STRONG!

Being a fit mum shows my son that I can be stronger than the weak and vulnerable women that are often portrayed. I can do full pushups, I can do unsupported push ups and I can even have a more defined six pack than a lot of men I know!

Remember that even if you are modifying your exercises and doing push ups on your knees for example, this is not a "girlie" push up, this is simply a push up on your knees. Modifying does not make you weak or "girlie" and I will correct any person who says different!

But it isn't just about physical strength, it is about continually managing to carry the weight of your family on your shoulders and everything else that life throws you too.


Women are warriors, princesses and lionesses all merged into one. I remember in one Instagram post where someone asked me to post a photo where I felt most beautiful, I posted a photo of me straight after the birth of Rupert (see above). I felt beautiful, strong and fiercely protective of my family; I would have lifted up the whole world on top of my shoulders if I had to that day if it meant I could protect them.

Women need to eat to stay healthy

"You need to eat more otherwise you will be weak like a girl"... this was another fascinating insight that I heard this week (anyone else fuming at this point?). Gone are the days where it is common for women to eat just a small salad in a restaurant; nowadays the majority of women are advocating the message that they need a well balanced and healthy diet to sustain their hectic lifestyles; especially if they are a fit mum!

Slogans such as #strongnotskinny #girlgains #girlswholift #strongisthenewskinny are all promoting the idea that not only can women be strong, but to get there you need to EAT!

I try and eat at least 2 meals a day with my son so that he understands that not only can I eat a lot of food, I eat the same food as he does, I need to eat to sustain my everyday lifestyle and, most importantly, I absolutely love eating! All these are positive messages for my son to grow up with.


Women need to prioritise themselves every so often!

As a fit mum, I am showing my son that not only do I take pride in my appearance, but it is so important for me to have time in my day/week for myself. No one has the ability to focus purely on other people all the time without it impacting their ability to look after themselves.I truly believe, and I say this time and time again, that a happy mummy is a happy baby! I know that if I don't take the time to workout I am much more stressed out, I have a much shorter fuse and I start to feel a lot more insecure in myself - none of these things are beneficial when you are needing to look after a child and family.


Women don't have to fit into a specific type of mould

Whether this is what they look like or what job they do women do not have to look or act a certain way to be seen as beautiful, successful, powerful or any other positive adjective you want to insert above. We were all made differently and it is our job as a Fit mum to ensure that whatever we look like, and whatever we do, we are the healthiest and fittest version of ourselves!

What else are you fit mummies showing your kids by staying healthy and active?

A xx

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