11/01/2013 06:27 GMT | Updated 12/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Husband-and-Wife Blogging Team Win Top Comedy Award - In Their Sleep

The pressure's off. Your author - I am proud to say - is no longer Britain's funniest blogger, meaning that I no longer have to come up with something funny whenever people come up to me and say "Go on, say something funny".

Not that that's ever happened to me, not since that unfortunate incident in the workplace canteen of which we no longer speak, but - not to labour the point too much - it's one thing I'm not going to have to do ever again.

My crown as the nation's funniest blog writer - won last year for my increasingly grammatically-incorrect Scaryduck: Not Scary. Not a Duck blog - has passed on to a far more deserving winner in Sleep Talkin' Man, the nocturnal musings of a mild-mannered sleeping Englishman as recorded by his bemused wife.

The site won the award after a vote held by personalised card company, in which six finalists slugged it out for the title. And I'm happy to say the victory was thoroughly deserved.

The blog, run by funnier-than-me Karen Slavick-Lennard and featuring both audio recordings and the transcribed words of her husband Adam, took nearly a third of the public vote from a shortlist of six blogs.

Recent posts include subconscious musings on the Christmas season, why blue dogs are more expensive than pink dogs, and gems inspired by the news of impending parenthood. And you should go and have a look right now, because it's utterly brilliant. And then come back here, obviously.

Thankfully, and to prove that I can still be funny, runners up were the incredible Mark Richards with his well-written Best Dad I Can Be blog, and my own Angry People in Local Newpapers site, which features pictures of angry people in local newspapers. This year I can genuinely say that British comedy was the winner. Because it was. And not me.

Well done Karen and Adam for a superb site that's making a lot of people happy. And therein lies the whole point of humorous writing.

Next week, we look at the green-eyed monster of jealousy, and why it has no place in British comedy.