05/06/2016 14:48 BST | Updated 06/06/2017 06:12 BST

The Age of No-Tox

Millions of women have literally decided to freeze themselves in time, by injecting poison into their faces. So, in an age where the poison needle is rampant in foreheads everywhere, I set out on a mission to discover the anti-botox. It's a new (anti) age and I'm calling it NO-TOX! Meet the therapists who are changing the face (literally) of anti-ageing, leaving you with the ability to frown without a drop of poison in sight.

The naturopathic doctor: Dr Nigma Talib

It's no fluke that Dr Nigma belies her 43 years. In this utterly beautiful and ageless naturopathic doctor's office, the word Botox is banned. Her philosophy is to start with the inside and work out. You are prepared to listen to everything she tells you, because quite frankly, you want to look THAT good. Of course eating well is a huge part of her philosophy. In her book Reverse The Signs Of Ageing she describes different blemishes/issues being the result of different diets: sugar face, dairy face, etc. But where Dr Nigma also stands out is her incredible array of facial procedures that she has created having seen numerous skin types over the years. These include A-list celebrities, such as Penelope Cruz, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth. Not a bad CV eh? It is Dr Nigma's radio Frequency Elite face treatment that gets me excited, and also gets me looking younger than ever before. The technology is based on safe and effective state of the art radio frequency energy. The treatment stimulates your body's natural collagen renewal process leading to skin tightening and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Never before have I experienced technology that made my skin look tighter and years younger after just one treatment. This is due to the immediate effect on the collagen structure via neocollagenesis (that's the stimulation of new collagen to you and I!). A course of 6 is recommended and trust me you'll be banging Dr Nigma's door down for more!

Skincare Queen: Linda Meredith

It is no coincidence that Linda has worked on the beautiful faces of Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and Kate Beckinsale - she has been an expert in skincare for more than 40 years. Aside from her comprehensive list of incredible skincare for day, night, eyes et al, her mission was to develop her own skincare range with an effective alternative to Botox and created V-TOX, which uses algae derivatives to relax the skin. In short, it's a poison and toxin-free treatment that lasts. The VTOX cream works, by helping the skin avoid conforming to expression lines when the muscles contract. To take this one step further, Linda created the ultimate V-TOX facial. The effects are quite astounding, and with continued use I imagine Botox lovers would convert in no time! Another of her brilliant facials to beat the ticking age clock, is the Hyaluronic Acid treatment, a sure fire way to look like you have had a facelift in your lunch break, without a knife or a needle in sight! See Stephanie at Linda's salon, who has wands for hands!

The facial acupuncturist: Brian Condon

First impressions last, and when Brian Condon explains his philosophy and treatments, you realise this cat knows his stuff. His forte is a natural holistic approach to facial rejuvenation and anti-ageing and he focuses on going deep down to a cellular level. Brian is a qualified facial acupuncturist (you would hope so, given he is about to stick a bunch of needles in your face!) It's a non-invasive, nonsurgical approach to healthy skin, wrinkle reduction, and facial re-sculpting. I really didn't feel a thing as his hands move like the speed of light. The acupuncture works by promoting circulation of blood in the facial tissues, which in turn reduces any inflammation, and more importantly it revs up the production of collagen and elastin - the two things responsible for younger looking skin, so a wake up call for these two is just what the doctor ordered! I also found that my fine lines and wrinkles were reduced, which is always welcome. In contrast BOTOX only improves certain areas of the face where the poison is injected, whereas facial acupuncture improves the appearance of the entire face, not to mention it avoids the neurological risks of pumping poison into your face! Coming out of my trance (only because of Brian's soft voice, otherwise I would still be there) I felt completely rejuvenated, physically, cosmetically and spiritually! My face had improved in texture and definition and miraculously the dark circles under my eyes had dissipated. After 3 sessions, I can safely say that Brian is nothing short of a miracle worker!