28/02/2014 07:43 GMT | Updated 29/04/2014 06:59 BST

A Guide to Perfect Wedding Day Skin

While we may have many events where we want to look our best, I think most women would agree that their wedding day is the one day where we want everything to be perfect! Here are my top tips to avoid any mishaps on your wedding day, but if you have any worries that I haven't listed please do feel free to ask a question in the comments box.

1. Don't try any new products, skincare, hair care, make-up, even washing powder 3 weeks before your wedding, any kind of a reaction could take a couple of weeks to calm down and that's the last thing you need before your big day!

2. Don't leave it until the last minute to think about your skin, the longer you have to correct any skin issues, the better! Using products that contain AHA's will help to remove dead skin which tends to leave our skin looking dull and lifeless, removing this dead layer will leave your skin looking fresher and more vibrant.

3. If you're getting married abroad, make sure you wear SPF 50 as soon as you arrive and re-apply regularly. Don't risk sunbathing, you don't want to get married looking like a lobster! Don't forget your ears, lips and the back of your neck.

4. To avoid any fake tan disasters before your wedding, book yourself in for a spray tan the day before, you're a lot less likely to end up with any streaky patches. Make sure you have a trial tan before the big day to make sure the colour suits you and to avoid any chance of a reaction.

5. Make-up sits better on exfoliated skin; using a cleanser that contains AHA's daily can help to remove the dead skin so that your foundation lasts longer.

6. If you suffer with blackheads or hormonal spots on your chin, try using a salicylic acid product daily. This will help to exfoliate the skin and clear out the pores; salicylic acid also has an anti-inflammatory effect so it's great for spots that can also become inflamed.

7. If you have a lot of redness left over from acne, speak to your doctor or pharmacist about a short course of hydrocortisone which can dramatically help to reduce the discolouration.

8. There's going to be a lot of focus on your hands on your big day; to keep your hands and nails in peak condition, massage sweet almond oil in to your hands and nails daily, a month before the wedding. By your big day your nails will be stronger and your hands will be supper soft. If your hands tend to be flaky, mix a little olive oil and sugar, gently massage in to your hands, wash away and then apply your sweet almond oil.

9. Don't forget your lips, wear a good quality lip balm and re-apply regularly throughout the day, especially before bed. Do this for at least a week before your wedding and your lips will be super soft and kiss ready!

I do hope that these tips help your big day to run a little smoother. These are of course quick tips and do not replace a good, daily skincare regime of cleansing (twice in the evening), toning and treatment/moisturiser. Your wedding may only be for 1 day of your life but taking good care of your skin will help make you feel as beautiful and radiant as a blushing bride every day!