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New Year New You

New Year is upon us already and it's only natural to begin a journey of reflection and look back on achievements and highlights of the year which has left us high and dry. This in turn leads me to my enthusiastic plans for 2016.

New Year is upon us already and it's only natural to begin a journey of reflection and look back on achievements and highlights of the year which has left us high and dry. This in turn leads me to my enthusiastic plans for 2016. I used to write lengthy New Years resolutions but I'm a big time procrastinator and got fed up not seeing them through, so gave up. Instead, I now set myself one, maybe two achievable little goals which I keep to myself and do my damnedest to make it a reality.

This past year has seen me turn my life turn 360 as I went back to working full time for the first time in 9 years, I started not only my own blog (rather than blogging for other people) but also my own crazily successful business managing social media for small-medium sized companies. Keeping my clients happy, turning out quality blog posts (I hope!) and maintaining my spray tan business all the while running the house and trying to be a good mum has been a mammoth task and one which I hope I've carried out well for all concerned. But I'm juggling so many balls, the odd one has to drop here or there.

One thing has suffered though and that is me. I have sacrificed a chunk of life I used to enjoy, regularly going to the gym, lunching with friends often, multitasking the demands of life and generally feeling able to handle most things. These days I frequently sit at my kitchen table, glued to my laptop, tapping away at my future, believing I can be all things to all people. No time to look after myself or do anything just for me, I have felt it take it's toll.

Well, something had to give and one day, on my way to a business meeting, lost and one hour late already, I felt like I had to pull over and be sick. Lack of breakfast (not an unusual occurrence nowadays) and anxiety levels going through the roof as I tried to navigate my way out of deepest, darkest Oxfordshire with a satnav that refused to play ball, I knew that changes were essential if I was to enjoy this gift of life I have been given.

We all know someone going through pain of losing someone close, someone suffering chronic ill-health....a friend going through a traumatic breakup or some kind of personal crisis, well I'm fortunate enough (touch wood) not to be experiencing any of them right now, and was left wondering why I'm putting myself through this angst when I could be enjoying a far less stressful existence.

So I've made some game changing affirmations. I'm honing my craft, shedding the dead wood and having a life overhaul. DRAMATIC? Well of course, I wouldn't have it any other way! Seriously though, I need to regroup, to choose the path I want to walk for the coming year, which will see me grow in abilities and opportunities, in line with the groundwork I've been putting in thus far.

I have a fabulous friend called Vicky, you may have heard of her. Pretty much the top parenting blogger in the country, this lady is sass in a glass. A multi-tasking mogul with several businesses and two stop-you-in-your-tracks-beautiful sons, she is a whirling dervish. She has some key messages among which are 'Know your worth' and 'It's there for the taking people'. She is right. This chick empowers, inspires, supports and champions women everywhere who are making their way on their own personal journeys to carving out their niche in life and turning passion into pounds. It's these inspiring words that I had rattling around in my head as I formulated my areas for change in the New Year.

WORK: I'm shedding some of the unfulfiling social media work. Keeping the inspirational clients, those I champion and support wholeheartedly and not just who pays top dollar.

I'm focusing on the blog 100%, it's my happy place, my passion and as such, I'm going to give it my all in 2016. After all, you get out what you put in and all that jazz. It has been a dream come true this year, I have come full circle from that young girl making up magazines on her typewriter in a pre-pubescent bedroom to professional blogger and I have big plans, huge ideas and a determination to succeed, so watch this space!

FRIENDSHIPS: I'm all the woman I'm ever going to be and in the prime of my life, so why waste a single solitary precious moment more on the people I can completely see as drains in my life as opposed to the holy grail, radiators. I'm shedding my thin skin and growing a pair and will kindly and gently detach from the relationships which hang on a shaky nail and pose no positive influence in my future. It will do both parties a favour and allow us to grow individually as hanging on to a frayed friendship built solely on the memories of yesteryear is simply not the way forward. After all, life truly is too short.

As I listen to my children gently slumber across the hallway tonight, I feel renewed and invigorated for the future and I know I am back on track to being the best I can be.

What are your resolutions for 2016?