14/05/2013 10:42 BST | Updated 14/07/2013 06:12 BST

Unwritten Rules of the Road

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We all know our Highway Code, else we wouldn't be driving. There are also unwritten rules of the road though that we should all be aware of, in order to promote "happy drivers". These rules will serve as a reminder of common sense and courtesy that will keep you from being "that guy".

1. Don't even try to race cars which are superior to your own. Don't even provoke them in order to hear their wonderful engine purr, spare the theatrics, and your dignity will thank you for it.

2. Show some respect when parking. Look at where you are going, stay within the lines, and give the person next to you some room! You will at least get less door pangs.

3. Give heads-up on traffic cops hiding to catch you out. We are all feeling the pinch, and none of us want to get a speeding ticket, or points... It's just not nice. We are not condoning speeding, but every little helps, and you will be thanked. A little heads-up to fellow drivers could save some people a lot of dollar, and you will make their day, just be careful not to do it all the time and get in trouble yourself.

4. Stop to help breakdowns. There's nothing wrong in offering to help when someone's stranded on the road, even if it's just calling a tow truck. Your help will be remembered, and it's a good deed for the day! Still obviously use your common sense and judgement. Granddad in a Rover, or a young female are probably harmless, but a dude in hockey mask with a rather large van... Not so much.

5. Don't dawdle at the pump. Dawdling at the pump is not, and should not ever be permitted. Fill up and go and let the rest of us get on with it. If you want to check your oil and wash your windows while on the phone before abandoning your car to shop inside for an hour, please, please, please pull away from the pump first.

6. Don't block the right lane. Get in, and get out... Do not mindlessly drive along at 30 miles an hour. When someone won't surrender their lane dominance, things get dangerous, patience runs thin, and tailgating begins, followed by perilous attempts to squeeze past.

7. Don't jump the queue, and don't tailgate. Signal your lane change, don't cut others off, and show thanks when you are let in. Make sure there's always enough room. Tyres and tarmac, remember! If that person in front of you slams on their breaks, you don't want to crash in to them. A little bit of common courtesy will get you a long way.

8. Don't drive in blind spots. Let people know you are there, speed up just a little bit or back off a little depending on if how traffic in your lane is. Be a safety King!

9. Keep up with traffic. Don't be one of those annoying people that are too stubborn to drive faster than 50 in a 60. Realise if you are the problem, you are a contributor to traffic accidents. Don't drive dangerous, but don't incite dangerous driving either.

10. Fix your car. No one likes a face full of smoke, especially if it's just because you are too lazy to get your car fixed. Get a service, T W White & Sons can tell you why, at least then you will be completely road savvy. Otherwise you are not only a bad driver but a bad person. Tut Tut.