30/06/2014 10:00 BST | Updated 26/08/2014 06:59 BST

Five Ways to Relieve Boredom

The A-Z Challenge: B is for Bored. Shift negative to positive alphabetically.


When boredom kicks in, we stop using our edge. We zone out or start looking for entertainment. Boredom stops when the entertainment's on but the moment entertainment stops, we go back to being bored. Why do we get bored? Boredom can be a result of routine. Do the same thing everyday and before you even know it, you're likely to slip into an auto-pilot mode, making things seem tedious and mundane.

If you're bored of routine, try doing the same thing, differently. Change the way and the time when you do the dishes or laundry. Do you drive the same way to work? Maybe take a different route. Eat the same food at the same restaurant? Try something completely new.

But what about the times when you can't do things differently? If you're cleaning the floor, packing boxes in a factory...? Doing things that really don't interest you? What you can do is give your mind something else to focus on. Maybe resolve issues that you don't usually have time to think about.

Actually, it's not routine that creates boredom - that's a myth. It's not about constantly doing different things or doing things differently. Often we feel bored because we want to be elsewhere, because we're not fully putting our heart into the moment, because we're essentially bored with ourselves.

Remember, not everything in life is going to be amusing or stimulating. And just because something doesn't interest you, that doesn't mean it's boring! Even if it is boring, you do have a choice about how you experience life.

Would you like to relieve your boredom? Here are 5 ways to breakthrough the boredom barrier:

  1. Be Interested. Try to be more engaged by putting all your attention on the task, even for only one minute. Plant the seed of attention, give it space and time and you'll soon find yourself energised and interested.
  2. Create Fascination. Like a child, see things with amazement, with new perspectives. So, if you're stuck in a boring conversation, ask questions or find something that you can take away from the conversation.
  3. Do everything with love and love everything you do. Even when it comes to things that you don't like doing! Do things wholeheartedly and things become easier and more meaningful.
  4. Add Fun. Make the task a game and see how much you can get done in 10 minutes. Or listen to music or a podcast. Get creative, make things joyful and others will want to be involved in everything you do.
  5. Get Enthused. At the start of the day, take a few minutes to get fired up by the day ahead. Create a spark, gain enthusiasm and put enthusiasm into everything you do.

In short, to prevent boredom settling in, all you need to do is: Be Positive, Be Enthusiastic. Participate in life with enthusiasm. Keep enthusiasm steadily flowing, like a bubbling brook and shift the kaleidoscope of your life experiences.

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