10/05/2016 10:50 BST | Updated 11/05/2017 06:12 BST

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Did Not 'Hide' Their 'Top Secret Baby', They Just Had a Baby

Eva Mendes gave birth to her second child with Ryan Gosling last month. They welcomed a baby girl named Amada Lee Gosling, reportedly on 29 April.

Only today, a couple of weeks on, have the press found out Mendes gave birth. But instead of focusing on the celebration of their daughter being born, news outlets are more concerned with the fact the couple kept it "a secret".

"Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had been hiding a SECRET baby. For weeks!" one headline read.

Another story referred to the couple's expanding brood as a "top secret birth!" and said they managed to pull of the "biggest cover-up in Hollywood".

In fact, any news story you read about the couple's newborn daughter today, I guarantee you'll see at least one reference to the fact they welcomed their daughter "in secret".

But let's get one thing straight: Eva Mendes did not give birth "in secret". She just gave birth.

She and Ryan Gosling have not been "hiding" a "secret" baby. They just had a baby.

I think we can guess Mendes' and Goslings' family know about the birth of their daughter, and their friends probably know and have seen Amada, too. So again, not a secret.

To me, it's tainting the celebration of their new arrival by judging the fact Mendes hasn't shared every detail about her family with the rest of the world.

If the reports are correct, it's been just 10 days since Mendes gave birth to her second child. A mere 10 days where I'm pretty sure she has a lot of other things on her mind rather than rushing to Twitter to share the news. And I can imagine 10 days of privacy was no doubt pure bliss for the family.

As a parent, you probably know too well how many people talk about the first several weeks of having a newborn as being a bit of a blur. There's the lack of sleep for one thing, constant feeding, changing nappies and if it's your second child, the balancing act of getting used to being a mum or dad to two little ones. Granted, it's a very busy time.

So while there are some celebs who are keen to share their baby news sometimes within hours of them being born, can we not respect the fact Mendes and Gosling just wanted a bit of privacy in the first few weeks?

There was no secret birth. There was no secret baby.

There was just a birth and a baby.

Maybe we should just congratulate the couple like people normally do when they find out about a new arrival - no matter when it was. Congrats Mendes and Gosling 💜