10/10/2014 10:07 BST | Updated 09/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Why Not Add Nicotine to Cornflakes? It Would Boost the Economy

In the light of the lifting of restriction on advertising of e-cigarettes, why don't they start putting nicotine into your morning bowl of cornflakes?

It looks like the economy is flagging a bit and with a forthcoming election, what better way to keep things rolling along than to get everyone rushing out for their tenth bowl of cornflakes in the middle of the night. The tills will start ringing and consumer spending will rise. Perfect

Advertising addictive chemicals is an oddity. There are few products out there that are licensed and taxed and advertised that are specifically designed to inhibit the users ability to control themselves. Apart from alcohol of course but hey.

Does it matter that nicotine is addictive? Well it matters to those who market nicotine, who are well aware of the market they are generating. They know each smoker who starts smoking as a lifestyle choice will end up craving the product. Figures show that 63% of smokers want to quit but think it will be too difficult to do so.

Critics of my point of view will argue that vaping is less harmful than smoking tobacco and that maybe vapers will kick the habit. The poor success of nicotine patches and gums to help smokers to quit give the lie to that idea. And do you really think that the e-cigarette industry is doing all that work in order to help smokers to quit and therefore go out of business?

Giving an addict more of their addictive substance rarely leads to abstinence. See George Best for details.

I guess putting nicotine into children's lunch boxes would be frowned upon but why not, if it doesn't harm anyone?