28/02/2014 08:22 GMT | Updated 29/04/2014 06:59 BST

Murdered: Soul Suspect Interview With Eric Studer From Airtight Games

I recently had the chance to sit down with Eric Studer from Airtight Games to talk about all things Murdered: Soul Suspect - and there is some new gameplay footage in there too!


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Murdered: Soul Suspect is a dark, detective thriller with a supernatural twist: solving your own murder from the afterlife. Play as Ronan O'Connor, a Salem police detective with a checkered past, whose life is brought to an untimely end by a brutal killer. Trapped in a limbo world called Dusk, he is unable to find peace until he can bring his killer to justice.


© Square Enix

Eric Studer graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology in 2005 with a degree in video game programming. He's been in the video game industry ever since. Working with Warner Bros. in Burbank, California as Associate Producer, Eric developed multiple video games for mobile devices including properties like Get Smart, The Dark Knight, Speed Racer, and the Looney Tunes Franchise. With WB Games in Seattle he helped ship FEAR2 and worked with the company's shared cinematics and audio department. Eric then accepted a Cinematics Producer position at Sucker Punch Productions where he was the first producer ever hired there. Working very closely with actors, the director, motion capture technicians, and Creative Director, Eric oversaw the development of over 75 minutes of in-game cutscenes for inFamous 2. Now Eric acts as the Senior Design Producer at Airtight Games where he manages the design and writing teams, helps the technical lead heard cats, and tries to keep as much trivia about his current project in his head at the same time as possible.

So over to Eric:

Murdered: Soul Suspect will be available June 2014 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.