28/10/2016 06:49 BST | Updated 28/10/2017 06:12 BST

My Commencement Essay

What do I know? Very little in truth. But at reaching 32 I decided to set myself a handbook. A guidebook list if you like of pointers to keep a smile on my face. We are human beings and more often than not we forget about the little things but mostly we're all in the same boat. Here is some of my advice and inevitabilities. 

Appreciate each step your parents have done to put you were you are and be sure to share memories with them and family. It'll be you in their position one day.

Be sure to travel, even it can only be within your own country.

Look after your eyes, don't take sight for granted.

Listen to a variety of music.


Treat yourself to a massage now and then.

Take care of nature. Very carefully.

Learn as much about Science, Politics and History as you can.

Find your best friend in your partner. They're with you for life. Don't settle for anything less than happiness.

Watch a sunset.

Watch a sunrise.

Remember or imagine life without the internet. 

Never judge a book by it's cover.

Don't be afraid to try new foods.

Embrace your natural hair colour. Messing around with it does no good.

Spend quality time with Grandparents. They're most likely to not be around before you know it.


Don't stay in a job if it makes you unhappy. Time is precious and the rut is deep.

Laugh. Until your tummy hurts.

Don't cave to peer pressure or follow a pack if you believe it's not doing the right thing for people.

Don't smoke.

Remember birthdays.

Grief is the biggest form of heartbreak. We will all have to go through it in various ways.

Don't put a spoon flat under a tap. You will get wet.

Embrace that lift journeys with strangers will be awkward and cotton buds in your ears will feel amazing.

You'll never manage to convincingly hide a yawn.

IPhone screens will break.

Find a hobby. 

You'll always feel suspicious when you see security or police around, despite doing nothing wrong.

When you lend out a book or DVD say goodbye, you're unlikely to get it back.

Try to accept the beautiful variations of the weather.

Accept Britons will moan about the beautiful variations of the weather.

We'll never read the 'terms and conditions'.

We'll always hold our phones up when we need a signal, despite it never helping.

Study First Aid.

Own dog in your life time and enjoy it's unconditional love.

Don't restrict your diet, enjoy everything in moderation.


Don't let yourself become materialistic. Just learn to impress yourself not others. A good soul lasts forever. A good sole does not.

Drink plenty of water. The benefits will surprise you.

Don't hold a grudge and make sure never to go to sleep on an argument.

Keep plants and take good care of them.

Give to charity and do nice deeds but don't brag about it to anyone.

Appreciate fresh air.

Trust your gut.

Smile at strangers.

You're doing OK Ann.