26/08/2016 14:19 BST | Updated 20/08/2017 06:12 BST

The Poetic Sunset To Sunrise In Mayfair

Have you all heard the phrase, 'Don't trust anyone who's rude to a waiter?'

Let me tell you a story, but not as a hater.

Remain wise, this is the demise, it's not lies, it's a look through my eyes.

The 'West End'. Where few still spend.

Full of greed, self consciousness and pretence.

Do you still remember in the morning, this feeling you're prolonging, from the night before. Drugs, money and sex. You people are getting to me. Vexed.

The only kind of 'reflection' should be looking inside. Not obsessing in the mirror at who's on the other side.

It's a mess this, it's sexist. The men come to make and the women come to take. Visa versa.

Do you think you're so spectacular, all you are is a 'regular.'

They're paving the way, laying their way they don't even pay.

Every greeting has an ulterior motive. This is the life they've chosen to live.

Imagine a place where people have the nerve, to determine what they 'think' they deserve.

There's nothing new. How many times have I heard, 'I don't QUEUE.'

I don't know if I can, deal with another, 'Do you know who I am?'

They need some real enlightenment. Not this self centred manner of entitlement.

These people need knocking off their pedestal, getting their human priorities right in general. You're not the best because you're out in the West.

You lose all sense of caution. All you feel is your own importance.

I'm here to feel the magnitude. Your ego, rudeness, attitude.

The shows with the fire. They want the looks, for what? Desire?

For what, the looks of envy and curiosity? It's competition starting animosity.

For that moment they're the centre of attention, if they're lucky they'll even get a mention.

For that one moment so they feel like a star, they need bringing back to Earth. Remember who you are.

They all compete, they all lie, all trying to impress each other, like sibling rivalry trying to favour their mother.

They all have to have the matching watches, check their bank account, see their losses.

Yet you treat staff like a slave, who taught you to behave?

I've been on the brunt of your anger, anguish and humility. Been accused of it being about a look, money, race. Some places, sad to say, this will always be the case.

This area sucks people in, pulling them down like a drain, you see the spiral like water, they'll never be the same.

The whole thing is just a ruse, you're here already, going to lose.

You should care less about these people you're trying to impress. Look right inside it and see there's nothingness.

They have no shame, just addicted to the gain.

Keep on trend, listen to, dress like, hang with who's hot. As long as people believe that you're something that you're not.

SUBSTANCE: I wish to meet more people with it not more people on it.

When you're in favour you're the one, but will they remember you when you're gone.

Make no mistake, most friendships are out of circumstance and fake.

Friendships that go deep but how long will they keep.

Just be mindful of manners, respect and kindness, leave your mark. But remember the potential of building matchstick bridges and you won't see the spark.

I make it sound like it's tough, but there's a few diamonds in the rough.

People with a spark of reality. Normality.

The few that inspire me or make me happy, make me smile. Sadly they're few and far between and found once in a while.