16/11/2011 14:43 GMT | Updated 16/01/2012 10:12 GMT

Lipgoss: Job Vacancy as Lady Gaga Sacks Creative Director

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Lovers and spouses come and go, but a celebrity's relationship with a manager, publicist or creative director is supposed to be sacrosanct. And parting ways with someone this intimately acquainted with your celebrity brand is a dangerous game. Jason Moore masterminded Paris Hilton's career for 10 years, until 2009, which is about the same time she dropped out of the news.

Kerry Katona has recently rekindled her stormy relationship with PR guru Max Clifford after a brief fling with CAN Associates, who she took up with after abruptly ending her five-year tenure with Cliff in the aftermath of her disastrous 2008 This Morning interview. In February, Charlie Sheen's publicist of seven years, Stan Rosenfield, finally quit the toughest job in showbiz, sparking a bitter feud.

This week, we're sending out the sympathy cards and tubs of Ben & Jerry's to Lady Gaga and her creative director Laurieann Gibson, whose split seems to be going the acrimonious way.

If you thought that creative directors were hired by magazines or advertising agencies, rather than individual people, you need to catch yourself up. Gaga's entourage stretches to 80 people, including 16 minders, who reportedly work a rota system in order to spend time with the megastar.

And this one time, Gaga's profuse entourage once ate all the bacon in the ITV canteen!

Anyhow! For years, Gibson has been top dog in the Gagan army, with the 42-year-old dancer and choreographer regularly announcing, "I created Lady Gaga."

But Gibson crossed a line when she uttered a word hideously blasphemous to all practicing Gagans. The M-word. "Madonna."

Gaga has been battling Madonna comparisons - and accusations that she ripped off Madge's style, tunes and business model - since she first arrived on the scene.

So the last thing she wanted was her creator/creative director (depending on whose Twitter feed you follow) telling the LA Times "Listen, [Madonna] should be bitter because I did it on purpose and you can quote me."

Watch this space: this spat is going to get uglier before it goes away....

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