26/06/2017 08:58 BST | Updated 26/06/2017 08:59 BST

Humanity Beats Cruelty Every Time: How Committing To Kindness To Yourself Can Change The World

Whilst we see unpredictable and unfathomable terror around, we often wonder 'What can we do to help'. Well you are a greater change agent than you think. Cruelty is contagious, but Kindness is contagious too, SO which do you choose?

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Whilst we see unpredictable and unfathomable terror around, we often wonder 'What can we do to help'. Well you are a greater change agent than you think. Cruelty is contagious, but Kindness is contagious too, SO which do you choose?

Is it time, for us to harness our personal power and become secret agents of change? Is it not time that we take up the opportunity to change the world for the better from inside ourselves and out?

You see there is a universal truth that we are missing. Humanity, humility to YOU creates humanity and humility in others, it creates health on every level, and the exact opposite is true too.

Our inner relationship with ourselves is what changes the world for the better or the worse. It is what creates good and bad, better or worse, love or hate, kindness or cruelty and it affects our:

• Mental Health

• Physical Health

• Emotional Health

• Relationship Health

• Parenting Health

• Financial Health

• Happiness Health

Kindness v Cruelty

Kindness and cruelty are not things that exist outside of us. They are not entities in themselves; they are created within us and between us. Humans are the transmitters of good and of bad. We have the immense potential to harness this and ensure that it is for good. Cultivating a kindly relationship within ourselves is the greatest influence we can have on the world.

So, what kind of 'footprint' do you want to imprint on this world, that of good, bad, kindness, or cruelty?

We get to choose how we affect others by harnessing our own personal power to attend to everything we experience inside ourselves. People who do this are the people others' like to be around, and be like. They are agents of love, kindness, and affect others in a good way. People who do not harness this opportunity become agents of hatred, meanness, spite, and this affects others in a bad way.

Actions might speak louder than words, but your inner critic speaks volumes to other people. An inner 'atmosphere' of criticism and mean-spiritedness is where brutality and cruelty cannot help but be expressed. Inner brutality makes us vulnerable to others' bullying; brutality; extreme views; cynicism, meanness, and cruelty.

Sadly, the culture of the 'stiff upper lip' has prevented us from seeing that we have an individual responsibility for our own healthiness. We are dehumanising people to a place where they cannot sustain themselves.

We have to re-learn companionability as an active state of being in true, honest, and robust relationship with ourselves so that we do not expect anyone to do the work for us. Then we get a real choice in how we can affect the world for the greater good.


What does humanity look like?

Humanity looks like, tenderness, support, consideration, kindness, benevolence, tolerance, mercy, and generosity. When did you last treat yourself in these ways? If you meet and treat yourself by incorporating kindness, you will transmit this to others.

A personal commitment to incorporating kindness into the fabric of who you are will steady your path through life challenges, and you will have the fortitude to help others steady their path too.

"Many people spend their whole lives running away from things they have done, things they have not done, who they are and who they are not"

Incorporating kindness into your relationship with yourself means to become unfailingly companionable to yourself. This means facing all of what you are and what you have been through. It means consideration and care for yourself in a way that does not expect others' to treat you better than you treat yourself.

Inner Cruelty breeds aggression, brittleness, intolerance, and hatred. People that live with this relationship within themselves are hard to be around. They bully, are brittle, and they ruin good times. These people are those that do not take individual responsibility for their strengths and their weaknesses, they blame others, create drama, and they do not like others to grow and prosper.

Inner Kindness breeds tolerance, flexibility, companionship, healing, personal growth, fun, and ease. These people are easy to be around, are magnetic and do not belittle others. They are expansive in their thinking; they are kind because they feel kind. They want to support and allow others to grow and prosper.

THIS is the kind of person who will affect the world for the better.