30/03/2014 17:05 BST | Updated 30/05/2014 06:59 BST

10 Things Highly Successful People Don't Do

There are no short cuts to any place worth going.

Making changes which are tangible come from your own creation. Ask yourself this - 'Am I on the right route to get to where I want to be or am I aimlessly wandering around staying stuck because it's safe and familiar'? Do you have a strategy for your life? Do you know the rules of the game and have a map, a plan and a timeline?

Highly successful people do not live in self- deception, they know they are accountable for their choices, behaviour and actions.

Over the years I have done extensive research, read endless authorised biographies, studied body language and carefully observed the communications skills of highly successful people. I learnt it wasn't about luck but about choosing the right attitude, taking action, changing behaviour, taking one step at a time, one goal, one priority at a time, a day at a time. We all have the same ability, it's how we apply ourselves.

1. They don't procrastinate.

They do want needs to be done now, not later. They do not allow others to derail them, as they have taught themselves discipline and focus.

2. They don't seek approval.

They don't need you to approve of them as they approve of themselves. They believe what you think of them is in fact none of their business.

3. They don't compare and despair.

They stay committed to their own personal growth and live up to their own expectations, not everyone else's and don't concern themselves with what others are doing.

4. They are not afraid to take risks.

They do not dwell on past mistakes, they move forward and create new opportunities. They are not fearful of failure or fearful of success and walk through their fears.

5. They don't gossip.

They have no interest in small talk or wasting time and energy. They champion people, not put them down and if they want to say something they say it to someone's face, not behind their back.

6. They don't say one thing and mean another.

They are integral and authentic and they don't say yes when they mean no. They are clear about their boundaries.

7. They don't give up.

They are tenacious and don't understand NO. They don't get easily crushed. When things get challenging they become more determined, rather than quitting.

8. They don't moan.

They are positive and upbeat and have faith even when things are really tough. They have an optimistic outlook.

9. They don't blame others.

They are accountable and own their part in things going wrong. If they mess up, they confess and admit it.

10. They don't offer unsolicited advice.

They will help if you ask them to, but they don't go around with an arrogant attitude thinking they know what's best for everyone else and offering their opinion when it's not asked for.

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