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My Top Tips to Spot an Unfaithful Partner

I have become an expert on identifying the tell-tale signs of cheating in relationships and I am here to offer some advice, based on my own personal experiences of the main signs to look out for when you suspect a partner of cheating.

I have worked as a private investigator for the past 36 years. I started my job in 1977, although I am originally from Liverpool, being a private investigator I have worked on an international scale. By far most of the cases I have worked on I have been tracking down unfaithful partners. As a result I have become an expert on identifying the tell-tale signs of cheating in relationships and I am here to offer some advice, based on my own personal experiences of the main signs to look out for when you suspect a partner of cheating.

I opened my own business in October 1981 working from home before eventually opening offices in Liverpool City Centre and latterly from offices close to Aintree Racecourse. By 1986 I became a founder member of the Merseyside Association of Investigators & Process Servers (now the British Association of Investigators & Process Servers) Amongst various other achievements and television appearances, in 2010 I became Vice-Chairman of The World Association of Professional Investigators.

I have even translated my experiences onto the screen as the script editor for the television series Nice Guy Eddie, that emulated a Liverpool Private Investigator and have made appearances on the Channel 4 programme, Despatches and BBC News talking about my investigations. I appeared on The Big Questions hosted by Nicky Campbell, discussing the subject of infidelity.

If you're suspicious that your partner may be cheating it can be not only upsetting but also stressful, and may put strain on your relationship. Nobody wants to be in the position to confront their partner about their suspicions, but as we all know it does happen and in the long term it is better to know rather than just brush it off. Of course if your suspicions are wrong and you confront your partner, it probably won't go down to well, and if your suspicions are right, well, that probably wouldn't go too well either. So what can you do? How can you find more conclusive proof to either confirm or deny your suspicions? The following tips on identifying a cheating partner may be something, which you find invaluable.

So what exactly are the signs? Here's my little guide and top five tips on how to spot a cheating partner...

Sign 1 - Loss of interest and becoming distant. This one seems fairly obvious, and I think is one of the most common tell-tale signs. If you find your partner seems less interested in you or your relationship, this could be a definitely sign of them being unfaithful. Particularly if you are married or in a long-term relationship it can be easy to tell when feelings change and they are being distant. If your partner doesn't engage in conversation or becomes more self-absorbed in their daily life paying less attention to you, this is a common sign of infidelity.

Sign 2 - Anger, cruelty and unfair criticism. Many people fail to realise that in the case of infidelity, it is in fact both parties who suffer emotionally, and the behaviour of the unfaithful partner will more than likely change. Often the cheating partner may aim unfair criticism at their partner, either at their appearance or even unusual comments just to try and put you down. In most cases this may just be because they are not happy with the relationship but don't know how to end it honestly, so take it out in other ways.

Sign 3 - Changes in daily routine and work patterns. This is usually the cliché sign when looking to spot if your partner is cheating, anything from working overtime to business trips, I find that many people have reported that their cheating partner had begun to say they were working away more often, or taking extra shifts and staying late. This can particularly raise suspicions if their previous routine was relatively stone set. It's not just working patterns either, unfaithful partners may make other excuses to get away such as an increase in time spent on hobbies, in the gym, taking walks or going for drives.

Sign 4 - Changes to appearance and image. It's an unfortunate truth that 'the spark' and initial attraction in a new relationship can start to fade after a few months or years, and partners can stop being keen to impress each other with their physical appearance. This can lead to a routine, where you are in such a comfort zone with each other that you no longer go out of your way to impress your partner. As such, if you notice that your partner suddenly starts making a big effort, going out of their way to look good and change their dress sense, hairstyle or working on personal fitness, there may be a good chance that they are trying to impress somebody.

Sign 5 - Mannerisms towards the opposite sex. It has been proven by research that unfaithful partners tend to become more flirtatious towards the opposite sex, almost as if they are adopting the attitude of somebody who is single. You might find they may simply make remarks of a particular person who catches their attention without thinking of the affect it will have on you, or physical things such as kissing and cuddling.

Of course it's worth noting that not all these signs are definite proof that your partner is cheating, but common sense tells us that things outside of the norm are worth investigating. If you suspect that your partner may be unfaithful and don't know how to get the proof you need without confronting them, hiring a private investigator to handle your enquiry could be a discreet and efficient solution. At Insight Investigations I offer a completely discreet and professional matrimonial and relationship investigation service with both male and female private investigators available to handle your case.

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