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The Legendary Weapon to Triumph: Conquering Challenges in High School

One of my favourite teachers used to tell me, 'Never forget what you are fighting for, and regard everything else as snapshots of sceneries outside your window when you drive along the road to success.' Focus, and fight alongside our beloved people, and enjoy high school!

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Or so says the legend.

There must have been a way which can empower us for a balanced school life. With that legendary weapon, we will be able to avoid the aforementioned 'legend'.

You will be delighted by the fact that this weapon does not only exist in legend. In fact, you can easily get access to it as soon as you finish reading my article. In addition, you might have heard about it for numerous times now: its name is --

Time Management.

Perhaps, this phrase does not create any image that is as exciting as an ancient battlefield where you supposed that such a legendary weapon would differentiate you from other fighters. Nevertheless, you are fighting for yourself in this modern society, where everything is at least slightly different from the world before. Tradition vs. modernity?

Never mind about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are busy managing their public engagements with caring for the latest member of the Royal Family, Prince George. Let us be the Dukes and Duchesses of GrandRevisionShire by following some general suggestions.

1. Prioritise your studies if you wish to do well academically. I know what you are thinking: whoever says so is ironically antisocial. Really, it does not have to be this way. As a reward, 'a dessert' metaphorically speaking, after the 'main course'. Try resist the temptation and save it to the last, just before your sweet slumber.

2. Use apps such as, but not limited to, iCal and iProcrastinate. Digital planning for your homework may work for our generation better, since we are more familiar with that method of learning and planning. Nevertheless, if you are rather conventional and prefer writing on parchment in ink, you can definitely stick to your own way.

3. Set alarms on your iPhone. Make it alarm you every half an hour, for instance, to ensure that you reach your goal. Surely, it seems annoying at first, but we get used to it after a while. This can push us to reach our short term objectives, such as plan of the day, and such.

4. I personally find it rather hard to stick to my detailed plans. When I planned in iCal, I frequently had to push items away, creating a negative domino effect. I hardly like to admit that I lack self-control, but sometimes I do, other times, some engagements (such as lunch with friends) come up so I had to return to my academics hours later. I feel that making a flexible plan with some downtime available would be most feasible. Every time I put a tick next to my box when I complete my task on time, I feel a sense of achievement.

5. Ask your teachers, family members, and friends for suggestions. Maybe you have some friends who are superb at time management, or your homeroom advisors may invite a student to do a presentation on this essential skill set. Those are great 'human resources' for you. And it's free as well!

6. Right now, I am actually struggling with a dilemma... Shall I continue my academics, or shall I keep typing? Quality. This is the word that really comes to mind. If you really have an impulse to do something, remember that creativity would not come in a vacuum. For instance, this tip comes as a 'lightbulb moment' that I truly treasure, to such a great extent that I am tempted to put my homework aside and do some creative writing. I personally found that impulses can put people into great dilemmas, and being indecisive is not necessarily a good thing, at all. If you have an impulse, so be it. Satisfy it, and then return to your work, so that productivity would not be affected.

7. Take some breaks. Take a stroll. Go to the supermarket. I know that those seem clichés, but you are always free to come up with your personal list of ideas that you could feel refreshed with. Why don't you comment on this article online? I will be sure to add any constructive tips to our website. :)

8. How about... multitasking? Yes, research has shown that people cannot multitask... at least not well. But if you are a superman or superwoman, please continue to listen to heavy rock music while writing an essay on classical literature. If you do not consider yourself one, better work hard and play hard, at separate times.

Look. I heartily do not wish to sound like your mum, but think of our bodies as the magical buttons of the legendary weapons. Take care of yourself. Be healthy, and get as much sleep as possible. It might look awkward if you take a nap during your study period in a study hall, so try to follow the old 'early to bed, early to rise' principle.

One of my favourite teachers used to tell me, 'Never forget what you are fighting for, and regard everything else as snapshots of sceneries outside your window when you drive along the road to success.' Focus, and fight alongside our beloved people, and enjoy high school!

With this weapon, let us conquer the challenging realm of high school to achieve a balanced life in those years. Without further ado, I encourage you to take this legendary weapon further with you, when pursuing further studies, career, and beyond.

Bon Voyage!