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Frontier is an international non-profit volunteering NGO.

Into the Wild is the award-winning blog from Frontier / The Society for Environmental Exploration. Formed in 1989, Frontier is an international non-profit volunteering NGO, with over 400 conservation, community and adventure projects in over 70 countries that give people the chance to make their travel meaningful. Into the Wild is one of Frontier's key voices and publishes content about gap-year travel, conservation and science and community work as well as news from the wide world about the environment and sustainability. Into the Wild talks to influential people in many different areas, too, publishing interviews with the hope of inspiring young people and raising awareness of environmental issues. No blog is complete without a bit of fun too so Into the Wild engages its audiences with fun articles, quizzes, photos and videos that entertain and inform readers.
Drones In The

Drones In The Wild

Drones have infiltrated our society quicker than anybody could have predicted. Whilst they are popular amongst wildlife and landscape photographers, can this new form of intelligent life actually prove beneficial in conservation efforts, or is it having a negative impact on nature and its inhabitants? Here we explore the development and the ethics of drones in the wild.
10/11/2017 10:55 GMT
NASA's Newest

NASA's Newest Discovery

Earth is a world composed of water but we have now just discovered that we have ocean worlds all around us. Some which could possibly harbour life. So what is it about water that is so life giving?
21/04/2017 12:48 BST
Should We De-Extinct

Should We De-Extinct Animals?

It may seem a good idea for research and technological advancements but how good an idea is it for the animal's own wellbeing. It does not seem in the animal's interests to be brought back from extinction purely to be used for human purposes. Animals must also be exploited throughout the process of back breeding and genetic engineering. Is this justifiable?
31/03/2017 12:15 BST
Top 5 Humanitarian

Top 5 Humanitarian Women

Feminism and humanitarianism are intrinsically linked, both working towards the welfare and fair treatment of all. Here are five women whose humanitarian work has paved the way toward an equal global society.
14/03/2017 11:58 GMT
Five Things You Can Change To Help The

Five Things You Can Change To Help The Environment

Recent political developments have exacerbated this air of futility as we find ourselves at a tipping point in regards to the environment and climate action. However these set-backs mean that unity is more important than ever, and doing our individual part to contribute to the whole is vital.
16/11/2016 15:28 GMT
Five Best Places To See In

Five Best Places To See In Autumn

The time for teapots, tiny candy bars and pumpkin soup comes about as gradually as the leaves changing, but now that it's about to get into full swing, here are 5 places that will make you fall in love with autumn...
30/09/2016 14:13 BST
The Future of Air

The Future of Air Travel

The human race has always had an insatiable appetite for exploration; despite the fact maps used to say "there be dragons here", or feared that we'd sail off the edge, heading over the horizon is in our nature. Jump 1000 years later and we're still doing it. Everywhere on the globe is now reachable by air travel, but with rising population comes rising demand...
19/09/2016 12:19 BST
Talking Trees: How Trees

Talking Trees: How Trees Communicate

We once thought that plants were just standalone entities, much like us, the key difference being our ability to interact with the world and each other. But research over the past few decades has found that plants, especially trees, may not be as inert as once thought.
08/09/2016 16:11 BST
Could New Evidence End The Badger

Could New Evidence End The Badger Cull?

Badgers are undoubtedly one of the most iconic animals in the UK. However, in recent years they've had turbulent tribulations for their connections to the spread of TB to cattle. But now a new ZSL report has made a ground-breaking discovery, reinforcing the science behind why culling doesn't work, and outlines what new steps we need to take to manage Bovine TB.
06/09/2016 14:36 BST
Top Five Greenest Cities In The

Top Five Greenest Cities In The World

Going green and being eco-friendly, they are two things that don't typically go hand-in-hand with the world's big cities... or do they? With more than half of the world's population living in cities, the time to adapt and 'go green' has definitely come! So here are the five cities that are proving it is possible to be sustainable and be a huge metropolis!
30/08/2016 11:20 BST
The Myths Of

The Myths Of Malaria

Unfortunately we are still fighting the battle against malaria but World Mosquito Day falls on the 20th of August each year, with the idea behind it being to promote safe practice in mosquito prone areas, to generate funds to help with research into cures against mosquito transmitted diseases and to celebrate Dr Ross' groundbreaking discovery.
26/08/2016 10:50 BST