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Abbey Michelle

Boy mummy | Brit in Dubai | Freelance writer | Tea lover | The Son And The Moon

Abbey is a young(ish) British expat mother living in Dubai. Becoming a mother abroad, she has sometimes felt isolated being far away from her family, yet at the same time a completely new and exciting world has opened up for her. It is on her blog, The Son And The Moon, where Abbey shares her parenting experiences with the hope that others can read, relate and enjoy.

Because Honestly, I'm Just Feeling So Sick

Oh how I wish I was one of the ladies that "glow" with health and go swimming and jogging every day, filled with energy from the beauty of the new life within. But I am not. Maybe one day soon, yes, hopefully.
20/10/2016 15:55 BST

Things I Ought To Do With My Toddler...But Don't

That's not to say that my toddler son and I don't pack out day with a multitude of fun's just that these particular activities have the tendency to drive us (ok, me) to the brink.
30/08/2016 12:35 BST

The One Toy I Will Never Buy for My Son...

It is, however, going to be impossible to hide guns from my son. But I suppose that's the point - by not allowing him to have them as toys, I instill responsibility in others around him to teach him that guns are not toys to be played with. They are mechanical contraptions that, like anything else, need to be handled with respect and responsibility.
18/07/2016 12:42 BST

The Struggles of the Introverted Mum

I adore my boy, and I miss him so much when I am at work, but sometimes after a long day, I just need to be alone. And sometimes - and I hate myself for saying this - I like to be at work to have a "break". To sit alone, with a cuppa, and write. It is my happy zone.
13/04/2016 16:29 BST

I Wish My Child Was More Like Yours

Indeed my son can be an absolute darling and I absolutely adore him no matter what, but during the times he's in a less than savoury mood due to tiredness or hunger or boredom or whatever other reason I can't even begin to fathom, he can absolutely bring me to my knees. I've never known stress like it when he goes into out-of-control mode!! Am I the only one?
30/03/2016 11:05 BST

My Dirty Parenting Confessions

Parenting is damn tough, so to get things in the open I thought I'd share a few of my dirty parenting confessions with you...If you want to share your dirty confessions in return I'd love that. If you want to go all parenting police on me, meh, feel free to do that too. Nothing like a good spirited debate.
04/03/2016 09:40 GMT

You're Like a Flame My Darling, Nobody Can Touch You

The way you danced that evening, independent of me, of Lea, of your uncle, you were so sure of yourself. Dressed in your little dungarees and Toms shoes, you looked so adorable, and I was so proud of you. Your fearlessness was admirable, and Lea was right - in that moment, no one could touch you!
22/02/2016 11:52 GMT

I Think My Husband's Trying To Impregnate Me

It's not that I don't want more babies. I definitely definitely do. But, and this is a big takes slightly more effort for the woman to bring a baby into the world than a man.
03/02/2016 12:27 GMT

I've Become The Mum I Never Wanted to Be

During the breakfast date I felt really disappointed in myself. As an advocate of baby-led weaning, I had never wanted to be the Mum who has to manually feed her child. I just so desperately wanted him to fill his little tummy in the hope he would calm down.
11/01/2016 10:14 GMT

New Year's Mummy Resolutions to Myself

2015 has certainly been a year full of accomplishment, but it's also been tainted by worry. But this New Year girly, you're planning a more relaxed, happy-go-lucky 12 months! If you can try and stick to at least a couple of these New Year's resolutions, you'll be well on your way to an awesome 2016.
29/12/2015 15:54 GMT

The Accidental Co-Sleeper - Part Two: The Popularisation of the Cot

So at what point in our society did co-sleeping start to become viewed as dangerous and undesirable? Why is it that in certain parts of the world such as Japan, Sweden, and Hong Kong, co-sleeping is viewed as not only normal, but highly beneficial to the healthy development of the child?
02/12/2015 14:53 GMT

The Knackered Mum Retreat

Knackered Mum guests are welcomed to stay as long as they need in our judgement-free resort. Our mission is to ensure you leave as relaxed and as re-charged as possible to return home less knackered to your wonderful families.
11/11/2015 10:18 GMT

The Accidental Co-Sleeper: How We Ended Up Co-Sleeping

What upsets me is that I am quite often met with horror when I tell people that "he sleeps in our bed". Because of this, I have more recently started to reply in a light-hearted manner saying "yeah, we're just a bit hippie and like having him close", as a way to try and avoid the criticism.
25/10/2015 17:50 GMT

Experiencing Severe 'Morning' Sickness

I didn't want to write this as a "ways to cope" post, because what would annoy me the most during the darkest days was advice about what would make me feel better...but ultimately didn't help (yep, lemon tea and ginger biscuits can do one).
02/10/2015 17:29 BST

A Baby-Tot's Guide to Eating Out With Mum and Dad

Whether you're feeling happy or not, being out for dinner with Mum and Dad is always a great opportunity to stretch your legs. This again is another great way to attract attention to Mum and Dad who bizarrely think they're out for a sit down.
29/09/2015 17:46 BST