Adam Oakley

Writer, blogger, bookmaker. An occasional reader, a regular breather. Addicted to water and oxygen. Author of + Books on inner peace.

I have a personal story like everyone else, but it is only a story:

Born crying.
Got used to the world.
Enjoyed it.
Worked hard.
Got educated.
Worked in pharmaceuticals briefly, became horrified.
Left university feeling my mind had become an uncontrollable monster.
Tamed the mind. Or stopped fighting the mind.

Now I write for a living, often about how we are all part of the same giant organism, how our minds cheat us out of peace, how to live in a peaceful and empowered way, and how to end the conflict of daily life. I like exploring how to live with intelligence and creativity, and finding out who we really are.

Author of and the following books:

"Undisturbed: A Guide To Emotional Wellness"
"Get Out Of The Cage: A Guide To Inner Freedom"
"Inner Peace Fables"
"Inner Peace Poetry"
"Inner Peace Sessions"
"The Work Of Ronald Berkley"
"The Fight"

Visit my site for more, get a free eBook on inner peace, ask a question, read a book...or if you don't like the material...then you probably haven't got this far. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the content.


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