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Adam Roberts

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Founder with Joanna Hogg of A Nos Amours which has curated among other things the only (so far) complete Chantal Akerman retrospective. Occasional film-maker, currently a project about long-term survivors of HIV. Curator most recently on new photographic portraits showing at City Hall in London during 2017/18. Occasional writing about film.

Chantal Akerman: Film-Making as Composing

Music is a source of primal pleasures, pleasures such as rhythm (things happening regularly), counter-point (things happening simultaneously), tune and melody. Music cuts across all cultures, nationalities, it cancels gender and so wonderfully infects every living human soul.
11/11/2014 15:46 GMT

Talking of Bela Tarr's Sátántangó

Béla Tarr's Sátántangó (1994) is long - it runs 7 hours and 15 minutes with a couple of short intermissions - but it is no longer than any box set series. It is as long as it needs to be, and takes as much time as it should.
11/08/2014 15:35 BST

Chantal Akerman's Les Anneés 80 - A Film About Spinning

Half way through a retrospective of Chantal Akerman's films. Surely surprise and innovation are exhausted. Seeing <em>Les anneés 80 </em>proves otherwise. This film is rare: it is not available on DVD, and the only print with English subtitles is on its last legs.
24/04/2014 13:43 BST

Chantal Akerman's Toute Une Nuit - To Cleave and Uncleave

Chantal Akerman's film <em>Toute une nuit </em>surprised me. I had seen it last in a scruffy cinema in Amsterdam. It did not stick. The images faded fast; little remained almost three decades later. It was like a patched fresco beyond repair.
07/04/2014 16:23 BST

Dis-moi - a Break-through Work by Chantal Akerman

It is doubtful that even the most dedicated cinephile will know <em>Dis-moi</em>, or <em>Aujour'dui dis-moi </em>as it is also known. It was commissioned for French TV, and has been shown only once or twice in the deepest recesses of thorough retrospectives. It has never before been subtitled for an English speaking audience (as it will be for the screening on March 13th).
04/03/2014 17:09 GMT