Adrian Ramsay

Deputy leader of the Green Party

Deputy leader of the Green Party

Greens Advance in Local Elections

This year voter turnout was disappointingly low. Some blamed it on the rain but we need to look deeper for explanations about why so many people have lost faith in politics.
15/05/2012 22:23 BST

The Green Party: Good For Your Wallet!

Thanks to government mismanagement, an ever growing number of people live in fuel poverty, unemployment continues to rise and a million houses stand empty.
02/05/2012 08:47 BST

Why Dog Breeding Laws Must Be Changed

Dogs are being bred, and repeatedly inbred, with known major health conditions and deformities. The animals with the greatest genetic purity are being used for breeding because the traits of specific breeds are then exaggerated - but it is often these traits that cause horrific suffering.
25/03/2012 22:05 BST

Durban Should Be a Wake Up Call For the World

Climatologists have recently issued a warning over global weather patterns, stating that the world will experience more severe storms, droughts and flooding and that they attribute this to increased man-made global warming. Durban should be a wake-up call for the world to listen and act.
27/11/2011 22:12 GMT

Has Cameron Given Up 'Greenest Government' Pledge?

As Christmas presents go, the coalition government's plan to slash feed-in tariffs and jeopardise the future of the solar industry is a pretty miserable one to say the least. It's all very well hugging a husky in promotional photos, but we need action.
09/11/2011 23:14 GMT