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Aimee Foster

Mum, writer and beach lover.

Writer and social media manager, mum, veggie, sea lover, avid reader and talk radio listener and volunteer for children's heart charity, Tiny Tickers.

Are The Summer Holidays Too Long?

Picnics in the park, games of rounders with neighbourhood kids, watching TV and sneaking ice pops out of the freezer. What memories do the summer holidays conjure up for you?  For many, the long break from school offered up a welcome chunk of liberty, enjoyed alongside copious amounts of strawberries and ice-cream.
09/08/2017 14:35 BST

Sometimes We All Have It Hard

Sometimes I find being a stay at home mum hard. Sometimes the monotony and isolation can be depressing. Some days I long for adult conversation and the career I almost had. I crave to be more than I am- to be valued, to contribute financially. Granted, I don't always feel that way. Most days, I love my role.
03/04/2017 17:00 BST

Making A Rainbow: The Truth About Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy after loss can be a long, harrowing journey. My rainbow pregnancy was often dramatic and my husband and I were unable to fully relax. We constantly battled against fearing the worst. Until the worst almost happened. When Pregnancy comes to stay, she always calls the shots.
12/10/2016 17:26 BST

Your 20 Week Scan: So Much More Than A Gender Reveal

The 20 week anomaly scan is one of the pinnacle moments of any pregnancy. In the majority of cases, when the baby is healthy, it is the second and final time you'll see your baby on screen before you meet face-to-face.
30/09/2016 16:36 BST

Dear Mum Guilt, It's Time We Talked

See I've decided that if we are to share this bustling and somewhat cluttered mind of mine, we need to find a way to co-exist peacefully. I didn't invite you in but you seem to have pulled up a chair at the table nonetheless.
21/09/2016 14:08 BST

The Ghost At The Classroom Door

This week social media is alive with pictures of little children smiling at the school gate, clutching brand new book bags and sporting shiny shoes. Tips for parents on how to cope with their child's first day, tales of parents who couldn't wait for this moment and of those who are dreading it fill my news-feed on an hourly basis.
05/09/2016 17:27 BST

Never Alone But Often Lonely

Making friends as an adult is hard, especially when you don't see the same people every day. Once I found them, my mum friends became a lifeline to me. I was so much happier with these incredible women in my life to share every stage of my motherhood journey with.
27/07/2016 14:45 BST

Four Steps to Recreating the Perfect 1980s Summer

During my 80s summers, each new day was a blank canvas waiting to be painted with new adventures. We just woke up and saw where the day would take us. No lists. No schedules. No cries of 'what are we doing today?' We had off-the-cuff fun - the type that didn't consume all of my mother's time, patience, money and sanity...
21/07/2016 16:32 BST

Seven Life Lessons We Can Learn From our Kids

What if we always knew the truth we seek? It seems that at some point during our turbulent transition from child to adult we managed to unlearn the life lessons we came hard wired with.
23/06/2016 15:51 BST

Four Reasons Why I Really Admire My Child's Teacher

We've all heard the accusations levelled at teachers. How dare they complain about their jobs when they have long holidays, finish work at 3pm and earn mega-bucks? From my friends who work as teachers, I know the reality to be somewhat different.
10/06/2016 16:43 BST

Dear Mum With No Mum This Mother's Day

I'm not sure what's changed this year, but somewhere among the Mother's Day adverts and shop displays I made the decision to stop pretending to ignore it. For the first time in 12 years, I'm going to let it in...
04/03/2016 09:48 GMT

Finding New Hope After Baby Loss

The beginning of a bright new life brings so many emotions to the surface. Joy, fear, anticipation, surprise and trust are among them. And of course there is the love, which is blind, unconditional and fearless. This all-consuming love is always accompanied by hope.
18/02/2016 11:36 GMT

It's Like Living With a Six Year Old

I uttered that line so many times as a teenager but it's only now, 20 years later, that I actually know what living with a six year old is actually like.
12/02/2016 10:38 GMT

What Motherhood Has Taught Me About Failure

In motherhood, I fail often. Sometimes I shout more than I should, I may cry, burn dinner or not even find the time to cook a proper dinner at all. Some days I'm distracted, the laundry baskets are overflowing and at times the kids watch too much TV. Occasionally I just want to run and hide.
01/02/2016 16:43 GMT

'There's Something Wrong With Your Baby's Heart' - Seven Words That Changed Our Lives

We made the heartbreaking decision to withdraw her life support. It was the kind thing to do. She had fought such a brave fight but now her little heart couldn't cope. Our little girl died because her heart was too big. At least we were able to have one cuddle without wires and machines as she died. She died in the arms of parents who loved her so much. I hope she felt that love.
24/01/2016 23:01 GMT

How to Cope When Your Child Won't Eat

I read and digested all the advice. Try new foods fifteen times I was told on a regular basis. Blah blah blah. It didn't work. Susie was determined in her fussiness. Early on, I could count the things she would eat on two hands. Over the years that list has diminished to one hand...
10/01/2016 21:38 GMT

Life After Baby Loss

My husband and I bathed Grace, put a new nappy on her, cut a lock of her hair and took hand and foot prints. We took as many photos as possible, with the unspoken and grim realisation that they would be the only ones we would ever take.
06/01/2016 17:37 GMT

Why I Haven't Asked About Your Pregnancy

My bump didn't carry a sign announcing my baby's probable fate to the world. I was still subjected to the usual barrage of questions and comments from well-meaning strangers. Strangers who were blissfully unaware of how hurtful their musings on and queries about my pregnancy were.
25/11/2015 17:59 GMT

How to Be a Happy Mum (Most of the Time)

I'm not going to tell you that you need to get some fresh air, spend time with friends, have some 'me time', catch up on sleep or do some exercise (although these things would probably benefit any mum).
19/11/2015 16:18 GMT