Alan Gemmell

Director, British Council India

Alan Gemmell <a href="" rel="nofollow">OBE</a> is Director of the British Council in India and Director of fiveFilms4freedom, the world’s biggest online, free LGBT Film Festival. He was included in <a href="" rel="nofollow">GQ</a> Magazine’s 2016 List of the 100 Most Connected Men in the UK. <br> <br> Alan was the British Council’s Director Israel from November 2012 running a £10m stem cell research fund working with world-leading medical research foundations like the British Heart Foundation and Parkinson’s UK. He launched the UK’s first multi-lateral research fund in the Middle East, a platform for Israeli, Palestinian and British scientists to work together to tackle critical water challenges in the region, and a PhD programme for Palestinian scientists to study at Israeli universities - supporting a new generation of scientists to work together across borders. <br> <br> In partnership with the British Film Institute and supported by the United Nations’ Free &amp; Equal campaign, fiveFilms4freedom makes five LGBT short films freely available online free for 10 days. In 2016, 1.5m people watched the films in 179 countries. fiveFilms4freedom published its first Global List of inspiring people from around the world promoting freedom and equality. <br> <br> In 2015, Alan commissioned <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> an interactive digital art work with the BBC and Arts Council of England featuring Israeli YouTube artist Kutiman and British digital agency Flying Object. Over 650,000 users in 193 countries have taken part. <br> <br> Alan has worked in Mexico and Brazil and at the centre of the UK Government. He studied music and law and set up the Scottish Youth Parliament.
FiveFilms4Freedom - 33 People Who Should Inspire All of

FiveFilms4Freedom - 33 People Who Should Inspire All of Us

If you're passionate about supporting and promoting equality; believe culture is the strongest way to bring people together; and work in over 100 countries, I guess creating the world's biggest online LGBT film festival is the inevitable result.
16/03/2016 21:31 GMT
FiveFilms4freedom, Stories About

FiveFilms4freedom, Stories About Love

We're have launched the international call for the five short films we will screen online and everywhere in 2016. We hope to find LGBT film-makers who can help us share the story of life and love around the world.
30/11/2015 14:54 GMT
fiveFilms4freedom: Love Is a Basic Human

fiveFilms4freedom: Love Is a Basic Human Right

Neither the British Council nor the British Film Institute are campaigning organisations but we both believe in the power of film and culture to promote positive social change. fiveFilms4freedom is a celebration of the UK's cutting-edge film industry and of BFI Flare's pioneering role in promoting gay rights around the world supporting freedom and equality everywhere.
19/03/2015 17:42 GMT