Alec Owens

Recent MSc graduate in theoretical physics from Imperial College London

What does one say about themselves in a world where an online presence is becoming ever more important? I'm trying to silence my inner Luddite and open myself up to the virtual world. This begins with blogging and will most likely lead to shameless self-promotion through the “twittersphere”. I fear that day. I also know it is inevitable.
Le Memoir of Le

Le Memoir of Le Manoir

There is something so typically English about Le Manoir, but closer inspection of the menu reveals an extravagance that one would be hard pushed to find in British cuisine. Expect a lavish dinner. If six-courses is not enough, no problem, have nine. The food is rich and indulgent as one might expect. At times it is overwhelming but I still eat, my inner voice getting quieter after every mouthful.
04/10/2012 10:17 BST