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Alex Comyn

Chief Strategy Officer at Amaze

I've spent the past 3 years at Amaze, leading the strategy for a number of our key accounts. I'm currently lead strategist for Toyota Europe, developing and implementing a new digital vision and integrated retail strategy for their 36 markets.

I've also been involved the development of digital strategies for Coca Cola Enterprises, Dr Oetker, McCain, Saucy Fish Co’, Bridgestone Tyres and Salford University. 

I've worked in the digital marketing sector for 15 years, following a formative career in the music industry. I've worked for a number of award winning agencies, including digital pioneers Modem Media, AMX, Ai London and integrated agency Claydon Heeley (now TBCH).

As a project manager and account director, I've got an intimate understanding of how my clients' businesses work and how to get the very most of my agency colleagues.

I've been involved in defining and delivering strategies for a broad range of clients, including National Express, Durex, Butlins, Virgin Media, Aveda, Citibank, Barclays, Friends Provident, Mercedes (incl Smart), 3 mobile and Samsung Europe, the latter involving a complete re-appraisal and relaunch of both mobile and CES divisions digital content and marketing strategy. 
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