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Alex MN

Freelance writer and artist, novice rugby player. Proud citizen of the North East.

Alex is passionate about creativity, writing and currently, decluttering. She has a strong background in teaching, languages, linguistics and art. Her first love is writing and her second is satire. Having recently taken up rugby, she's often found running about on a field at night with her teammates and writing about her experiences of the sport. She lives and works in her native North East, although many would say she actually lives on Twitter.
Why Rugby Is The Revolution Women Need Right

Why Rugby Is The Revolution Women Need Right Now

A revolution is afoot. Across the UK, women gather together. Brisk Sunday mornings, cold midweek evenings, the weekly training schedule might be set for the present - but the groundwork is being laid for an exciting future. The future of female rugby.
14/08/2017 16:31 BST
The Unkind Chord Of An Umbilical

The Unkind Chord Of An Umbilical Cord

It's an umbilical cord - it nourished and connected baby to mother for nine months. Without it there would be no baby - it is a miraculous part of our human engineering and so why does it provoke a reaction of such disgust? Rochelle is proud of hers - so why does her decision to preserve it warrant such discussion?
14/03/2017 15:16 GMT
Please - Stop Saying You're Rubbish At

Please - Stop Saying You're Rubbish At Art

I've said for a long time that art is one of the most underused tools when it comes to teaching, for many reasons. The main one being, I feel, a lack of confidence from a teaching perspective - but I genuinely believe that the benefits outweigh the hangups we adults often have.
09/03/2017 14:20 GMT
Teaching At Crisis

Teaching At Crisis Point

To feel that what you're doing each day for your pupils 'doesn't count' is arguably one of the most devastating things that a teacher has to carry home with them at night. Far heavier than the 60 literacy and numeracy books you've rammed into your bags for life that evening, and its a weight that cripples you with each passing day.
21/02/2017 17:21 GMT
Why You Need To Be Painting With Your

Why You Need To Be Painting With Your Child

That's the key thing about painting. It's learning. The two are inextricably linked, for children especially. Art-based activities help young minds to make sense of the world around them. They explore ideas by making shapes with tools.
15/02/2017 14:48 GMT