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What Is the True Cost of Being a Football Supporter?

Buying a replica club shirt is only the beginning of a long list of expenses that go along with being seen as a loyal supporter... football inflation is rising faster than the Government's Consumer Price Index... One thing's for sure, fans are still paying out to show their allegiance, no matter what the cost of being a football supporter is.
27/07/2014 22:17 BST

Is Grassroots Football Heading for a Crisis?

Last month's announcement that the Football Association is going to lose a significant amount of investment - £1.6m of public funding - is the latest wake-up call for amateur football. Sport England is responsible for distributing public money to increase sports participation, and its decision to reduce funding for football is as a result of a sharp decline in the number of people playing the sport.
17/04/2014 16:54 BST

The Magic of the 2014 London Marathon, Starring 35,000 Heroes

There are no prizes for identifying the headline act in the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon. Double Olympic and world champion Mo Farah will compete in his first full marathon, having run half the course in 2013 to assess the route and the environment.
25/03/2014 16:12 GMT

Deafness in Sport - Overcoming the Odds

In terms of American sport - and global sport - not only making the grade in the NFL, but playing for a Super Bowl-winning franchise is just about as high an accolade as it gets. But while Coleman would rightfully have celebrated Seattle's success, and considered it his career high-point, he might also have reflected that his greatest achievement to date would have been getting to the NFL in the first place.
18/03/2014 15:34 GMT